Potential problems in Wallisertitsch (Walliser German) language

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This page will help identify potential problems in your language file. I don't offer a way to fix this automatically, so you'll have to edit the language file by hand. Hopefully this page will still be of some help. Note that not all of these lines have to be actual problems, so pay attention to what you do.

Missing strings/targets

This is an error that should be fixed

LANG_ASK: Missing translation entirely
LANG_NORMAL: Missing translation entirely
LANG_GAIN: Missing translation entirely
LANG_WAIT: Missing translation entirely
LANG_LOADING_PERCENT: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SCANNING_DISK: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CANCEL: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CHANNELS: Missing translation entirely
LANG_RESET_ASK: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CONFIRM_WITH_BUTTON: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CANCEL_WITH_ANY: Missing translation entirely
LANG_ROCKBOX_TITLE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_DIR_BROWSER: Missing translation entirely
LANG_TAGCACHE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_NOW_PLAYING: Missing translation entirely
LANG_RESUME_PLAYBACK: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SETTINGS: Missing translation entirely
LANG_RECORDING: Missing target "recording"
LANG_FM_RADIO: Missing target "radio"
LANG_PLAYLISTS: Missing translation entirely
LANG_BOOKMARK_SELECT_BOOKMARK: Missing translation entirely
LANG_BOOKMARK_DONT_RESUME: Missing translation entirely
LANG_BOOKMARK_SHUFFLE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_BOOKMARK_INVALID: Missing translation entirely
LANG_BOOKMARK_CONTEXT_MENU: Missing translation entirely
LANG_BOOKMARK_CONTEXT_RESUME: Missing translation entirely
LANG_BOOKMARK_CONTEXT_DELETE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CHANNEL_CONFIGURATION: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CHANNEL_CUSTOM: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CHANNEL_LEFTRIGHT: Missing translation entirely
LANG_STEREO_WIDTH: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CROSSFEED: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CROSSFEED_DIRECT_GAIN: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CROSSFEED_CROSS_GAIN: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CROSSFEED_HF_ATTENUATION: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CROSSFEED_HF_CUTOFF: Missing translation entirely
LANG_EQUALIZER: Missing translation entirely
LANG_EQUALIZER_ENABLED: Missing translation entirely
LANG_EQUALIZER_GRAPHICAL: Missing translation entirely
LANG_EQUALIZER_PRECUT: Missing translation entirely
LANG_EQUALIZER_GAIN: Missing translation entirely
LANG_EQUALIZER_ADVANCED: Missing translation entirely
LANG_EQUALIZER_SAVE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_EQUALIZER_BROWSE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_EQUALIZER_EDIT_MODE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_EQUALIZER_GAIN_ITEM: Missing translation entirely
LANG_EQUALIZER_BAND_LOW_SHELF: Missing translation entirely
LANG_EQUALIZER_BAND_PEAK: Missing translation entirely
LANG_EQUALIZER_BAND_HIGH_SHELF: Missing translation entirely
LANG_EQUALIZER_BAND_CUTOFF: Missing translation entirely
LANG_EQUALIZER_BAND_CENTER: Missing translation entirely
LANG_EQUALIZER_BAND_Q: Missing translation entirely
LANG_DITHERING: Missing translation entirely
LANG_LOUDNESS: Missing target "masf"
LANG_AUTOVOL: Missing target "masf"
LANG_DECAY: Missing target "masf"
LANG_SUPERBASS: Missing target "masf"
LANG_MDB_ENABLE: Missing target "masf"
LANG_MDB_STRENGTH: Missing target "masf"
LANG_MDB_HARMONICS: Missing target "masf"
LANG_MDB_CENTER: Missing target "masf"
LANG_MDB_SHAPE: Missing target "masf"
LANG_ALL: Missing translation entirely
LANG_REPEAT_AB: Missing translation entirely
LANG_PARTY_MODE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CROSSFADE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CROSSFADE_ENABLE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_MANTRACKSKIP: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SHUFFLE_TRACKSKIP: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CROSSFADE_FADE_IN_DELAY: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CROSSFADE_FADE_IN_DURATION: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CROSSFADE_FADE_OUT_DELAY: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CROSSFADE_FADE_OUT_DURATION: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CROSSFADE_FADE_OUT_MODE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_MIX: Missing translation entirely
LANG_REPLAYGAIN: Missing translation entirely
LANG_REPLAYGAIN_NOCLIP: Missing translation entirely
LANG_REPLAYGAIN_MODE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_ALBUM_GAIN: Missing translation entirely
LANG_TRACK_GAIN: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SHUFFLE_GAIN: Missing translation entirely
LANG_REPLAYGAIN_PREAMP: Missing translation entirely
LANG_BEEP: Missing translation entirely
LANG_WEAK: Missing translation entirely
LANG_MODERATE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_STRONG: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SPDIF_ENABLE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_NEXT_FOLDER: Missing translation entirely
LANG_RANDOM: Missing translation entirely
LANG_AUDIOSCROBBLER: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CUESHEET_ENABLE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_HEADPHONE_UNPLUG: Missing translation entirely
LANG_HEADPHONE_UNPLUG_RESUME: Missing translation entirely
LANG_HEADPHONE_UNPLUG_RW: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SHOW_PATH: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SHOW_PATH_CURRENT: Missing translation entirely
LANG_BUILDING_DATABASE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_TAGCACHE_RAM: Missing translation entirely
LANG_TAGCACHE_AUTOUPDATE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_TAGCACHE_FORCE_UPDATE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_TAGCACHE_UPDATE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_RUNTIMEDB_ACTIVE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_TAGCACHE_EXPORT: Missing translation entirely
LANG_TAGCACHE_IMPORT: Missing translation entirely
LANG_TAGCACHE_FORCE_UPDATE_SPLASH: Missing translation entirely
LANG_TAGCACHE_INIT: Missing translation entirely
LANG_TAGCACHE_BUSY: Missing translation entirely
LANG_TAGNAVI_ALL_TRACKS: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CUSTOM_FONT: Missing target "lcd_bitmap"
LANG_REMOTE_WHILE_PLAYING: Missing translation entirely
LANG_BACKLIGHT_ON_WHEN_CHARGING: Missing target "charging"
LANG_BACKLIGHT_ON_BUTTON_HOLD: Missing translation entirely
LANG_BACKLIGHT_FADE_IN: Missing translation entirely
LANG_BACKLIGHT_FADE_OUT: Missing translation entirely
LANG_BACKLIGHT_FILTER_FIRST_KEYPRESS: Missing translation entirely
LANG_LCD_SLEEP_AFTER_BACKLIGHT_OFF: Missing translation entirely
LANG_NEVER: Missing translation entirely
LANG_BRIGHTNESS: Missing translation entirely
LANG_INVERT: Missing target "lcd_invert,remote_lcd_invert"
LANG_INVERT_LCD_INVERSE: Missing target "lcd_invert,remote_lcd_invert"
LANG_FLIP_DISPLAY: Missing target "lcd_bitmap"
LANG_INVERT_CURSOR: Missing target "lcd_bitmap"
LANG_INVERT_CURSOR_POINTER: Missing target "lcd_bitmap"
LANG_INVERT_CURSOR_BAR: Missing target "lcd_bitmap"
LANG_CLEAR_BACKDROP: Missing translation entirely
LANG_BACKGROUND_COLOR: Missing translation entirely
LANG_FOREGROUND_COLOR: Missing translation entirely
LANG_RESET_COLORS: Missing translation entirely
LANG_COLOR_RGB_LABELS: Missing translation entirely
LANG_COLOR_RGB_VALUE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_COLOR_UNACCEPTABLE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_LCD_REMOTE_MENU: Missing translation entirely
LANG_REDUCE_TICKING: Missing translation entirely
LANG_REMOTE_SCROLL_SETS: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SCREEN_SCROLL_VIEW: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SCREEN_SCROLL_STEP: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SCROLL_PAGINATED: Missing translation entirely
LANG_LISTACCEL_START_DELAY: Missing translation entirely
LANG_LISTACCEL_ACCEL_SPEED: Missing translation entirely
LANG_BARS_MENU: Missing target "lcd_bitmap"
LANG_SCROLL_BAR: Missing target "lcd_bitmap"
LANG_STATUS_BAR: Missing target "lcd_bitmap"
LANG_BUTTON_BAR: Missing target "recorder_pad"
LANG_VOLUME_DISPLAY: Missing target "lcd_bitmap"
LANG_BATTERY_DISPLAY: Missing target "lcd_bitmap"
LANG_DISPLAY_GRAPHIC: Missing target "lcd_bitmap"
LANG_DISPLAY_NUMERIC: Missing target "lcd_bitmap"
LANG_DEFAULT_CODEPAGE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CODEPAGE_LATIN1: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CODEPAGE_GREEK: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CODEPAGE_HEBREW: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CODEPAGE_CYRILLIC: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CODEPAGE_THAI: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CODEPAGE_ARABIC: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CODEPAGE_TURKISH: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CODEPAGE_LATIN_EXTENDED: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CODEPAGE_JAPANESE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CODEPAGE_SIMPLIFIED: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CODEPAGE_KOREAN: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CODEPAGE_TRADITIONAL: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CODEPAGE_UTF8: Missing translation entirely
LANG_BUTTONLIGHT_TIMEOUT: Missing translation entirely
LANG_BUTTONLIGHT_BRIGHTNESS: Missing translation entirely
LANG_START_SCREEN: Missing translation entirely
LANG_MAIN_MENU: Missing translation entirely
LANG_PREVIOUS_SCREEN: Missing translation entirely
LANG_BATTERY_TYPE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_BATTERY_TYPE_ALKALINE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_BATTERY_TYPE_NIMH: Missing translation entirely
LANG_DIRCACHE_ENABLE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_TIME_MENU: Missing target "rtc"
LANG_SET_TIME: Missing translation entirely
LANG_TIME_SET_BUTTON: Missing translation entirely
LANG_TIME_REVERT: Missing target "rtc"
LANG_TIME_REVERT: Missing target "mrobe500"
LANG_TIME_REVERT: Missing target "iriverh100,iriverh120,iriverh300"
LANG_TIME_REVERT: Missing target "ipod*,sansac200*,mpiohd300"
LANG_TIME_REVERT: Missing target "iaudiox5,iaudiom5"
LANG_TIME_REVERT: Missing target "iriverh10,iriverh10_5gb,sansae200*,sansafuze*"
LANG_TIME_REVERT: Missing target "gigabeatfx"
LANG_TIME_REVERT: Missing target "sansafuzeplus"
LANG_TIME_REVERT: Missing target "mrobe100"
LANG_TIME_REVERT: Missing target "gigabeats"
LANG_TIME_REVERT: Missing target "gogearsa9200"
LANG_WEEKDAY_SUNDAY: Missing target "rtc"
LANG_WEEKDAY_MONDAY: Missing target "rtc"
LANG_WEEKDAY_TUESDAY: Missing target "rtc"
LANG_WEEKDAY_WEDNESDAY: Missing target "rtc"
LANG_WEEKDAY_THURSDAY: Missing target "rtc"
LANG_WEEKDAY_FRIDAY: Missing target "rtc"
LANG_WEEKDAY_SATURDAY: Missing target "rtc"
LANG_CAR_ADAPTER_MODE: Missing target "charging"
LANG_ALARM_MOD_ALARM_MENU: Missing target "alarm"
LANG_ALARM_WAKEUP_SCREEN: Missing translation entirely
LANG_ALARM_MOD_TIME: Missing target "alarm"
LANG_ALARM_MOD_TIME_TO_GO: Missing target "alarm"
LANG_ALARM_MOD_SHUTDOWN: Missing target "alarm"
LANG_ALARM_MOD_ERROR: Missing target "alarm"
LANG_ALARM_MOD_KEYS: Missing target "alarm"
LANG_ALARM_MOD_KEYS: Missing target "ipod*"
LANG_ALARM_MOD_KEYS: Missing target "iriverh10,iriverh10_5gb"
LANG_ALARM_MOD_KEYS: Missing target "gigabeats"
LANG_ALARM_MOD_DISABLE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_VOICE_DIR_TALK: Missing translation entirely
LANG_VOICE_FILE_TALK: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SAVE_THEME: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CUSTOM_THEME: Missing translation entirely
LANG_RECORDING_SETTINGS: Missing target "recording"
LANG_FM_MENU: Missing translation entirely
LANG_FM_NO_PRESETS: Missing target "radio"
LANG_FM_ADD_PRESET: Missing translation entirely
LANG_FM_EDIT_PRESET: Missing target "radio"
LANG_FM_DELETE_PRESET: Missing target "radio"
LANG_FM_PRESET_SAVE_FAILED: Missing target "radio"
LANG_FM_NO_FREE_PRESETS: Missing target "radio"
LANG_BUTTONBAR_MENU: Missing target "radio_screen_button_bar"
LANG_FM_BUTTONBAR_EXIT: Missing target "radio_screen_button_bar"
LANG_FM_BUTTONBAR_ACTION: Missing target "radio_screen_button_bar"
LANG_PRESET: Missing translation entirely
LANG_FM_BUTTONBAR_ADD: Missing target "radio_screen_button_bar"
LANG_FM_BUTTONBAR_RECORD: Missing target "radio_screen_button_bar"
LANG_FM_MONO_MODE: Missing target "radio"
LANG_FM_FREEZE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_FM_SCAN_PRESETS: Missing translation entirely
LANG_FM_CLEAR_PRESETS: Missing translation entirely
LANG_FM_SCANNING: Missing translation entirely
LANG_FM_DEFAULT_PRESET_NAME: Missing translation entirely
LANG_RADIO_SCAN_MODE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_FM_PRESET_LOAD: Missing translation entirely
LANG_FM_PRESET_SAVE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_FM_PRESET_CLEAR: Missing translation entirely
LANG_FMR: Missing translation entirely
LANG_FM_FIRST_AUTOSCAN: Missing translation entirely
LANG_FM_SAVE_CHANGES: Missing translation entirely
LANG_FM_REGION: Missing translation entirely
LANG_FM_EUROPE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_FM_US: Missing translation entirely
LANG_FM_JAPAN: Missing translation entirely
LANG_FM_KOREA: Missing translation entirely
LANG_RECORDING_FORMAT: Missing translation entirely
LANG_AFMT_MPA_L3: Missing translation entirely
LANG_AFMT_PCM_WAV: Missing translation entirely
LANG_AFMT_WAVPACK: Missing translation entirely
LANG_AFMT_AIFF: Missing translation entirely
LANG_ENCODER_SETTINGS: Missing translation entirely
LANG_BITRATE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_NO_SETTINGS: Missing translation entirely
LANG_RECORDING_QUALITY: Missing target "recording_hwcodec"
LANG_FREQUENCY: Missing target "recording,play_frequency"
LANG_SOURCE_FREQUENCY: Missing translation entirely
LANG_RECORDING_SOURCE: Missing target "recording"
LANG_RECORDING_SRC_MIC: Missing target "recording"
LANG_RECORDING_SRC_MIC: Missing target "iriverh100,iriverh120,iriverh300"
LANG_RECORDING_SRC_DIGITAL: Missing target "recording"
LANG_LINE_IN: Missing target "recording,archosplayer"
LANG_RECORDING_EDITABLE: Missing target "recording_hwcodec"
LANG_RECORD_TIMESPLIT: Missing target "recording"
LANG_SPLIT_MEASURE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SPLIT_TYPE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_START_NEW_FILE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_STOP_RECORDING: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SPLIT_TIME: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SPLIT_SIZE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_RECORD_PRERECORD_TIME: Missing target "recording"
LANG_RECORD_DIRECTORY: Missing target "recording"
LANG_SET_AS_REC_DIR: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CLEAR_REC_DIR: Missing translation entirely
LANG_REC_DIR_NOT_WRITABLE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CLIP_LIGHT: Missing translation entirely
LANG_MAIN_UNIT: Missing translation entirely
LANG_REMOTE_UNIT: Missing translation entirely
LANG_REMOTE_MAIN: Missing translation entirely
LANG_RECORD_TRIGGER: Missing translation entirely
LANG_RECORD_TRIG_NOREARM: Missing translation entirely
LANG_RECORD_TRIGGER_TYPE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_RECORD_TRIGGER_NEWFILESTP: Missing translation entirely
LANG_RECORD_TRIGGER_STOP: Missing translation entirely
LANG_RECORD_START_THRESHOLD: Missing translation entirely
LANG_MIN_DURATION: Missing translation entirely
LANG_RECORD_STOP_THRESHOLD: Missing translation entirely
LANG_RECORD_STOP_GAP: Missing translation entirely
LANG_RECORD_PRERECORD: Missing target "recording"
LANG_AGC_SAFETY: Missing translation entirely
LANG_AGC_LIVE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_AGC_DJSET: Missing translation entirely
LANG_AGC_MEDIUM: Missing translation entirely
LANG_AGC_VOICE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_REMOTE_LCD_OFF: Missing translation entirely
LANG_REMOTE_LCD_ON: Missing translation entirely
LANG_PLAYLISTVIEWER_SETTINGS: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CATALOG: Missing translation entirely
LANG_WARN_ERASEDYNPLAYLIST_MENU: Missing translation entirely
LANG_WARN_ERASEDYNPLAYLIST_PROMPT: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SHUTDOWN: Missing target "soft_shutdown"
LANG_BUFFER_STAT: Missing translation entirely
LANG_BATTERY_TIME: Missing target "archosplayer,archosrecorder,archosfmrecorder,archosrecorderv2,archosondio*,iriverifp7xx"
LANG_BATTERY_TIME: Missing target "iriverh10,ipodmini1g,ipodmini2g"
LANG_DISK_SIZE_INFO: Missing translation entirely
LANG_DISK_FREE_INFO: Missing translation entirely
LANG_DISK_NAME_INTERNAL: Missing translation entirely
LANG_DISK_NAME_MMC: Missing translation entirely
LANG_RUNNING_TIME: Missing translation entirely
LANG_TOP_TIME: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CLEAR_TIME: Missing translation entirely
LANG_PLAYLIST: Missing translation entirely
LANG_INSERT_SHUFFLED: Missing translation entirely
LANG_QUEUE_SHUFFLED: Missing translation entirely
LANG_REPLACE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SEARCH_IN_PLAYLIST: Missing translation entirely
LANG_PLAYLIST_SEARCH_MSG: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SHUFFLE_PLAYLIST: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CATALOG_VIEW: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CATALOG_ADD_TO: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CATALOG_ADD_TO_NEW: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CATALOG_NO_DIRECTORY: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CATALOG_NO_PLAYLISTS: Missing translation entirely
LANG_ONPLAY_MENU_TITLE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_MENU_SET_RATING: Missing translation entirely
LANG_BROWSE_CUESHEET: Missing translation entirely
LANG_ID3_LENGTH: Missing translation entirely
LANG_ID3_ALBUMARTIST: Missing translation entirely
LANG_ID3_DISCNUM: Missing translation entirely
LANG_ID3_COMMENT: Missing translation entirely
LANG_ID3_VBR: Missing translation entirely
LANG_ID3_TRACK_GAIN: Missing translation entirely
LANG_ID3_ALBUM_GAIN: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CUT: Missing translation entirely
LANG_COPY: Missing translation entirely
LANG_PASTE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_REALLY_OVERWRITE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_COPYING: Missing translation entirely
LANG_DELETING: Missing translation entirely
LANG_MOVING: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SET_AS_BACKDROP: Missing translation entirely
LANG_BACKDROP_LOADED: Missing translation entirely
LANG_BACKDROP_FAILED: Missing translation entirely
LANG_PROPERTIES: Missing translation entirely
LANG_ADD_TO_FAVES: Missing translation entirely
LANG_PITCH: Missing translation entirely
LANG_PITCH_UP: Missing target "pitchscreen"
LANG_PITCH_DOWN: Missing target "pitchscreen"
LANG_PITCH_UP_SEMITONE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_PITCH_DOWN_SEMITONE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_END_PLAYLIST: Missing translation entirely
LANG_NOTHING_TO_RESUME: Missing translation entirely
LANG_MODE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_USB_CHARGING: Missing translation entirely
LANG_KEYLOCK_ON: Missing translation entirely
LANG_KEYLOCK_OFF: Missing translation entirely
LANG_RECORDING_TIME: Missing target "recording"
LANG_DISK_FULL: Missing target "recording"
LANG_DISK_FULL: Missing target "iriverh100,iriverh120,iriverh300"
LANG_DISK_FULL: Missing target "iaudiom5,iaudiox5"
LANG_DISK_FULL: Missing target "sansae200*,sansac200*,vibe500"
LANG_DB_INF: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CONFIRM_SHUTDOWN: Missing target "soft_shutdown"
LANG_REMOVE_MMC: Missing target "archosondio*"
LANG_OFF_ABORT: Missing target "archosplayer,iriverh100,iriverh120,iriverh300"
LANG_OFF_ABORT: Missing target "ipod*"
LANG_OFF_ABORT: Missing target "iaudiox5,iaudiom5"
LANG_OFF_ABORT: Missing target "iriverh10,iriverh10_5gb,sansae200*,sansac200*,vibe500"
LANG_OFF_ABORT: Missing target "gigabeats"
LANG_OFF_ABORT: Missing target "gigabeatfx"
LANG_OFF_ABORT: Missing target "sansafuzeplus"
LANG_KEYBOARD_LOADED: Missing translation entirely
LANG_INVALID_FILENAME: Missing translation entirely
LANG_PLEASE_REBOOT: Missing translation entirely
LANG_BATTERY_CHARGE: Missing target "charging"
LANG_BATTERY_TOPOFF_CHARGE: Missing target "archosrecorder"
LANG_BATTERY_TRICKLE_CHARGE: Missing target "charging"
LANG_WARNING_BATTERY_LOW: Missing translation entirely
LANG_WARNING_BATTERY_EMPTY: Missing translation entirely
LANG_BYTE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_KILOBYTE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_MEGABYTE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_GIGABYTE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_POINT: Missing translation entirely
VOICE_KBIT_PER_SEC: Missing translation entirely
VOICE_EXT_RWPS: Missing translation entirely
VOICE_EXT_KBD: Missing translation entirely
VOICE_EXT_CUESHEET: Missing translation entirely
VOICE_BOOKMARK_SELECT_INDEX_TEXT: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SYSFONT_EQUALIZER_EDIT_MODE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SYSFONT_EQUALIZER_BAND_CUTOFF: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SYSFONT_GAIN: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SYSFONT_MODE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SYSFONT_DIRBROWSE_F1: Missing target "recorder_pad"
LANG_SYSFONT_DIRBROWSE_F2: Missing target "recorder_pad"
LANG_SYSFONT_DIRBROWSE_F3: Missing target "recorder_pad"
LANG_SYSFONT_CHANNEL_STEREO: Missing target "recording"
LANG_SYSFONT_CHANNEL_MONO: Missing target "recording"
LANG_SYSFONT_RECORDING_QUALITY: Missing target "recording_hwcodec"
LANG_SYSFONT_RECORDING_FREQUENCY: Missing target "recording"
LANG_SYSFONT_RECORDING_SOURCE: Missing target "recording"
LANG_SYSFONT_RECORDING_SRC_MIC: Missing target "recording"
LANG_SYSFONT_LINE_IN: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SYSFONT_RECORDING_SRC_DIGITAL: Missing target "recording"
LANG_SYSFONT_CHANNELS: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SYSFONT_RECORD_TRIGGER: Missing translation entirely
VOICE_OF: Missing translation entirely
LANG_PLUGIN_GAMES: Missing translation entirely
LANG_PLUGIN_APPS: Missing translation entirely
LANG_PLUGIN_DEMOS: Missing translation entirely
LANG_ID3_GROUPING: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SHOW_FILENAME_EXT: Missing translation entirely
LANG_UNKNOWN_TYPES: Missing translation entirely
LANG_EXT_ONLY_VIEW_ALL: Missing translation entirely
VOICE_PM_UNITS_PER_TICK: Missing translation entirely
VOICE_OCLOCK: Missing translation entirely
VOICE_PM: Missing translation entirely
VOICE_AM: Missing translation entirely
VOICE_OH: Missing translation entirely
LANG_PM_CLIPCOUNTER: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SELECTOR_START_COLOR: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SELECTOR_END_COLOR: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SELECTOR_TEXT_COLOR: Missing translation entirely
LANG_INVERT_CURSOR_COLOR: Missing translation entirely
LANG_INVERT_CURSOR_GRADIENT: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CODEPAGE_CENTRAL_EUROPEAN: Missing translation entirely
LANG_THEME_MENU: Missing translation entirely
LANG_COLORS_MENU: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SELECTOR_COLOR_MENU: Missing translation entirely
VOICE_EDIT: Missing translation entirely
VOICE_BLANK: Missing translation entirely
VOICE_EMPTY_LIST: Missing translation entirely
LANG_NOT_PRESENT: Missing translation entirely
LANG_TALK_BATTERY_LEVEL: Missing translation entirely
LANG_VOICE_FILETYPE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_BASS_CUTOFF: Missing translation entirely
LANG_TREBLE_CUTOFF: Missing translation entirely
LANG_TAGNAVI_RANDOM: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SAVE_SOUND: Missing translation entirely
LANG_KEYCLICK: Missing translation entirely
LANG_KEYCLICK_REPEATS: Missing translation entirely
LANG_ACCESSORY_SUPPLY: Missing translation entirely
LANG_UNKNOWN: Missing translation entirely
VOICE_QUICKSCREEN: Missing translation entirely
VOICE_OK: Missing translation entirely
LANG_STOP_RECORDING_AND_SHUTDOWN: Missing translation entirely
LANG_TOUCHPAD_SENSITIVITY: Missing translation entirely
LANG_DEADZONE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_HIGH: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SERIAL_BITRATE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SERIAL_BITRATE_AUTO: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SERIAL_BITRATE_9600: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SERIAL_BITRATE_19200: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SERIAL_BITRATE_38400: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SERIAL_BITRATE_57600: Missing translation entirely
LANG_VERY_SLOW: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SLOW: Missing translation entirely
LANG_VERY_FAST: Missing translation entirely
LANG_FAST: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SKIP_LENGTH: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SKIP_TRACK: Missing translation entirely
VOICE_CHAR_SLASH: Missing translation entirely
LANG_GAIN_LEFT: Missing translation entirely
LANG_GAIN_RIGHT: Missing translation entirely
LANG_RECORDING_AGC_PRESET: Missing translation entirely
LANG_RECORDING_AGC_CLIPTIME: Missing translation entirely
LANG_RECORDING_AGC_MAXGAIN: Missing translation entirely
LANG_RECORDING_FILENAME: Missing translation entirely
LANG_PM_CLIPCOUNT: Missing translation entirely
LANG_RECORDING_TIMESPLIT_REC: Missing translation entirely
LANG_RECORDING_SIZE: Missing target "recording"
LANG_RECORDING_MONO_MODE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SEARCH_RESULTS: Missing translation entirely
LANG_LEFT: Missing translation entirely
LANG_RIGHT: Missing translation entirely
LANG_RESET_SETTING: Missing translation entirely
LANG_LEFT_QS_ITEM: Missing translation entirely
LANG_RIGHT_QS_ITEM: Missing translation entirely
LANG_BOTTOM_QS_ITEM: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CREDITS: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SORT_INTERPRET_NUMBERS: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SORT_INTERPRET_AS_DIGIT: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SORT_INTERPRET_AS_NUMBERS: Missing translation entirely
LANG_ENABLE_SPEAKER: Missing translation entirely
LANG_TOUCHSCREEN_MODE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_TOUCHSCREEN_GRID: Missing translation entirely
LANG_TOUCHSCREEN_POINT: Missing translation entirely
LANG_PREVENT_SKIPPING: Missing translation entirely
LANG_TIMESTRETCH: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SPEED: Missing translation entirely
LANG_TOUCHSCREEN_SETTINGS: Missing translation entirely
LANG_TOUCHSCREEN_CALIBRATE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_TOUCHSCREEN_RESET_CALIBRATION: Missing translation entirely
LANG_STATUSBAR_TOP: Missing translation entirely
LANG_STATUSBAR_BOTTOM: Missing translation entirely
LANG_REMOTE_STATUSBAR: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SEMITONE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_STRETCH_LIMIT: Missing translation entirely
LANG_PLAYBACK_RATE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_USB_KEYPAD_MODE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_MULTIMEDIA_MODE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_PRESENTATION_MODE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_BROWSER_MODE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_MOUSE_MODE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SKIN_RAM_USAGE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SCROLLBAR_WIDTH: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SCROLLBAR_POSITION: Missing translation entirely
LANG_COMPRESSOR: Missing translation entirely
LANG_TOP_QS_ITEM: Missing translation entirely
LANG_FM_ITALY: Missing translation entirely
LANG_FM_OTHER: Missing translation entirely
LANG_COMPRESSOR_THRESHOLD: Missing translation entirely
LANG_COMPRESSOR_RATIO: Missing translation entirely
LANG_COMPRESSOR_RATIO_2: Missing translation entirely
LANG_COMPRESSOR_RATIO_4: Missing translation entirely
LANG_COMPRESSOR_RATIO_6: Missing translation entirely
LANG_COMPRESSOR_RATIO_10: Missing translation entirely
LANG_COMPRESSOR_RATIO_LIMIT: Missing translation entirely
LANG_COMPRESSOR_GAIN: Missing translation entirely
LANG_AUTO: Missing translation entirely
LANG_COMPRESSOR_KNEE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_COMPRESSOR_HARD_KNEE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_COMPRESSOR_SOFT_KNEE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_COMPRESSOR_ATTACK: Missing translation entirely
LANG_COMPRESSOR_RELEASE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SKIP_OUTRO: Missing translation entirely
LANG_STATUSBAR_CUSTOM: Missing translation entirely
VOICE_EXT_SBS: Missing translation entirely
VOICE_EXT_RSBS: Missing translation entirely
LANG_USB_HID: Missing translation entirely
LANG_INSERT_LAST_SHUFFLED: Missing translation entirely
LANG_QUEUE_LAST_SHUFFLED: Missing translation entirely
LANG_MORSE_INPUT: Missing translation entirely
LANG_AUTOTRACKSKIP: Missing translation entirely
LANG_NEXT_TRACK: Missing translation entirely
LANG_NEXT: Missing translation entirely
LANG_OF: Missing translation entirely
LANG_BASE_SKIN: Missing translation entirely
LANG_REMOTE_BASE_SKIN: Missing translation entirely
LANG_MAIN_SCREEN: Missing translation entirely
LANG_REMOTE_SCREEN: Missing translation entirely
LANG_HISTOGRAM_INTERVAL: Missing translation entirely
LANG_LINEOUT_ONOFF: Missing translation entirely
LANG_HOTKEY: Missing translation entirely
LANG_HOTKEY_WPS: Missing translation entirely
LANG_HOTKEY_FILE_BROWSER: Missing translation entirely
LANG_RESUME_REWIND: Missing translation entirely
LANG_REMOTE_RADIOSCREEN: Missing translation entirely
VOICE_EXT_FMS: Missing translation entirely
VOICE_EXT_RFMS: Missing translation entirely
LANG_FM_STATION_HEADER: Missing translation entirely
LANG_HW_EQ_TONE_CONTROLS: Missing translation entirely
LANG_HW_EQ_TONE_CONTROLS_ADVANCED: Missing translation entirely
LANG_HW_EQ_GAIN: Missing translation entirely
LANG_HW_EQ_FREQUENCY: Missing translation entirely
LANG_HW_EQ_WIDTH: Missing translation entirely
LANG_HW_EQ_WIDTH_NARROW: Missing translation entirely
LANG_HW_EQ_WIDTH_WIDE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_DEPTH_3D: Missing translation entirely
LANG_TAGNAVI_UNTAGGED: Missing translation entirely
LANG_RADIOSCREEN: Missing translation entirely
LANG_ID3_COMPOSER: Missing translation entirely
LANG_FORCE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_ONPLAY_PICTUREFLOW: Missing translation entirely
LANG_KBD_OK: Missing translation entirely
LANG_KBD_DELETE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_KBD_CANCEL: Missing translation entirely
LANG_BOOKMARK_SETTINGS_AUTOUPDATE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SET_AS_START_DIR: Missing translation entirely
LANG_RESET_START_DIR: Missing translation entirely
LANG_FM_RSSI: Missing translation entirely
LANG_FILESIZE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_AUTORESUME_ENABLE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_AUTORESUME_ENABLE_YES: Missing translation entirely
LANG_AUTORESUME: Missing translation entirely
LANG_AUTORESUME_AUTOMATIC: Missing translation entirely
LANG_AUTORESUME_CUSTOM: Missing translation entirely
LANG_PAUSE_REWIND: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SET_AS_PLAYLISTCAT_DIR: Missing translation entirely
LANG_RESET_PLAYLISTCAT_DIR: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CURRENT_PLAYLIST: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SAVE_CHANGES: Missing translation entirely
LANG_USB_SKIP_FIRST_DRIVE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_LIST_LINE_PADDING: Missing translation entirely
LANG_AUTOMATIC: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SLEEP_TIMER_DURATION: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SLEEP_TIMER_ON_POWER_UP: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SLEEP_TIMER_CANCEL_CURRENT: Missing translation entirely
LANG_LIST_SEPARATOR: Missing translation entirely
LANG_LIST_SEPARATOR_COLOR: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SHORTCUTS: Missing translation entirely
LANG_KEYCLICK_SOFTWARE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_KEYCLICK_HARDWARE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_GLYPHS: Missing translation entirely
LANG_STARTUP_SHUTDOWN: Missing translation entirely
LANG_KEYPRESS_RESTARTS_SLEEP_TIMER: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CONSTRAIN_NEXT_FOLDER: Missing translation entirely
LANG_USE_SHORTCUTS_INSTEAD_OF_QS: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SLEEP_TIMER_START_CURRENT: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CODEPAGE_WESTERN_EUROPEAN: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CROSSFEED_MEIER: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CROSSFEED_CUSTOM: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SELECT_FOLDER: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SELECT_DATABASE_DIRS: Missing translation entirely
LANG_FILTER_ROLL_OFF: Missing translation entirely
LANG_FILTER_SHARP: Missing translation entirely
LANG_FILTER_SLOW: Missing translation entirely
LANG_FILTER_SHORT: Missing translation entirely
LANG_FILTER_BYPASS: Missing translation entirely
LANG_VOLUME_LIMIT: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SYSFONT_EQUALIZER_BAND_Q: Missing translation entirely
LANG_PBE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_AFR: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SURROUND: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SURROUND_FX1: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SURROUND_FX2: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SURROUND_METHOD2: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SURROUND_MIX: Missing translation entirely
LANG_IBASSO_FREQ_SCALING_GOVERNOR: Missing translation entirely
LANG_IBASSO_USB_MODE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_IBASSO_USB_MODE_MASS_STORAGE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_IBASSO_USB_MODE_CHARGE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_IBASSO_USB_MODE_ADB: Missing translation entirely
LANG_ACTION_ENABLED: Missing translation entirely
LANG_ACTION_PLAY: Missing translation entirely
LANG_ACTION_SEEK: Missing translation entirely
LANG_ACTION_SKIP: Missing translation entirely
LANG_BACKLIGHT_SELECTIVE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_ACTION_DISABLE_EXT_POWER: Missing translation entirely
LANG_ACTION_DISABLE_UNMAPPED: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SOFTLOCK_SELECTIVE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_ACTION_AUTOLOCK_ON: Missing translation entirely
LANG_ACTION_AUTOLOCK_OFF: Missing translation entirely
LANG_ACTION_DISABLE_NOTIFY: Missing translation entirely
LANG_ACTION_DISABLE_TOUCH: Missing translation entirely
LANG_KIBIBYTE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_MEBIBYTE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_GIBIBYTE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_BOOKMARK_SETTINGS_ONE_PER_TRACK: Missing translation entirely
VOICE_TRACK_TO_MOVE: Missing translation entirely
VOICE_QUEUED: Missing translation entirely
VOICE_BAD_TRACK: Missing translation entirely
VOICE_MOVING_TRACK: Missing translation entirely
LANG_NO_VIEWERS: Missing translation entirely
LANG__NEVER: Missing translation entirely
LANG_PLAYTIME_ELAPSED: Missing translation entirely
LANG_PLAYTIME_TRK_ELAPSED: Missing translation entirely
LANG_PLAYTIME_REMAINING: Missing translation entirely
LANG_PLAYTIME_TRK_REMAINING: Missing translation entirely
LANG_PLAYTIME_TRACK: Missing translation entirely
LANG_PLAYTIME_STORAGE: Missing translation entirely
VOICE_PLAYTIME_DONE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_PLAYTIME_AVG_TRACK_SIZE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_PLAYTIME_AVG_BITRATE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_PLAYTIME_ERROR: Missing translation entirely
LANG_PLAYING_TIME: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CAR_ADAPTER_MODE_DELAY: Missing translation entirely
VOICE_PITCH_ABSOLUTE_MODE: Missing translation entirely
VOICE_PITCH_SEMITONE_MODE: Missing translation entirely
VOICE_PITCH_TIMESTRETCH_MODE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_REMOTE_CONTROL: Missing translation entirely
LANG_NO_REM_CONTROL: Missing translation entirely
LANG_OUT_OF_CONTROL: Missing translation entirely
LANG_2_KEY_CONTROL: Missing translation entirely
LANG_4_KEY_CONTROL: Missing translation entirely
LANG_PLAY_WORMLET: Missing translation entirely
LANG_NUMBER_OF_WORMS: Missing translation entirely
LANG_WORM_GROWTH_PER_FOOD: Missing translation entirely
LANG_WORM_SPEED: Missing translation entirely
LANG_ARGHS_PER_FOOD: Missing translation entirely
LANG_ARGH_SIZE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_FOOD_SIZE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_NUMBER_OF_PLAYERS: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CONTROL_STYLE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_REVERT_TO_DEFAULT_SETTINGS: Missing translation entirely
LANG_MENU_QUIT: Missing translation entirely
LANG_MENU_DISPLAY_OPTIONS: Missing translation entirely
LANG_PREVTRACK: Missing translation entirely
LANG_PLAYPAUSE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_STOP_PLAYBACK: Missing translation entirely
LANG_NEXTTRACK: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CHANGE_VOLUME: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CHANGE_SHUFFLE_MODE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CHANGE_REPEAT_MODE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_PLAYBACK_CONTROL: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CHESSBOX_CHECKMATE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CHESSBOX_ILLEGAL_MOVE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CHESSBOX_MENU_NEW_GAME: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CHESSBOX_MENU_RESUME_GAME: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CHESSBOX_MENU_SAVE_GAME: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CHESSBOX_MENU_RESTORE_GAME: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CHESSBOX_MENU_RESTART_GAME: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CHESSBOX_MENU_SELECT_OTHER_GAME: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CHESSBOX_LEVEL_1: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CHESSBOX_LEVEL_2: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CHESSBOX_LEVEL_3: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CHESSBOX_LEVEL_4: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CHESSBOX_LEVEL_5: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CHESSBOX_LEVEL_6: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CHESSBOX_LEVEL_7: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CHESSBOX_LEVEL_8: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CHESSBOX_LEVEL_9: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CHESSBOX_LEVEL_10: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CHESSBOX_PGN_PARSE_ERROR: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CHESSBOX_NO_GAMES: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CHESSBOX_GAME_BEGINNING: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CHESSBOX_GAME_END: Missing translation entirely
VOICE_PLAYER: Missing translation entirely
VOICE_GNUCHESS: Missing translation entirely
VOICE_MARKED: Missing translation entirely
VOICE_UNMARKED: Missing translation entirely
VOICE_WHITE: Missing translation entirely
VOICE_BLACK: Missing translation entirely
VOICE_CHESSBOX_CHECK: Missing translation entirely
VOICE_CHESSBOX_CAPTURES: Missing translation entirely
VOICE_CHESSBOX_CASTLE: Missing translation entirely
VOICE_CHESSBOX_KINGSIDE: Missing translation entirely
VOICE_CHESSBOX_QUEENSIDE: Missing translation entirely
VOICE_PAWN: Missing translation entirely
VOICE_KNIGHT: Missing translation entirely
VOICE_BISHOP: Missing translation entirely
VOICE_ROOK: Missing translation entirely
VOICE_QUEEN: Missing translation entirely
VOICE_KING: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CHESSBOX_GAMES: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CHESSBOX_SAVING_POSITION: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CHESSBOX_LOADING_POSITION: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CHESSBOX_THINKING: Missing translation entirely
VOICE_BATTERY_BENCH_IS_ALREADY_RUNNING: Missing translation entirely
VOICE_BAT_BENCH_KEYS: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CANNOT_RESTART_PLAYBACK: Missing translation entirely
LANG_ORDERED: Missing translation entirely
LANG_DIFFUSION: Missing translation entirely
LANG_GRAYSCALE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SLIDESHOW_MODE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SLIDESHOW_TIME: Missing translation entirely
LANG_RETURN: Missing translation entirely
LANG_REC_DIR: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CHESSBOX_MENU_VIEW_GAMES: Missing translation entirely
LANG_MENU_AUDIO_OPTIONS: Missing translation entirely
LANG_MENU_RESUME_OPTIONS: Missing translation entirely
LANG_MENU_PLAY_MODE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SINGLE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_USE_SOUND_SETTING: Missing translation entirely
LANG_RESTART_PLAYBACK: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SET_RESUME_TIME: Missing translation entirely
LANG_DISPLAY_FPS: Missing translation entirely
LANG_LIMIT_FPS: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SKIP_FRAMES: Missing translation entirely
LANG_BACKLIGHT_BRIGHTNESS: Missing translation entirely
LANG_USE_COMMON_SETTING: Missing translation entirely
LANG_TONE_CONTROLS: Missing translation entirely
LANG_FORCE_START_MENU: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CONDITIONAL_START_MENU: Missing translation entirely
LANG_AUTO_RESUME: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CLEAR_ALL_RESUMES: Missing translation entirely
LANG_UNAVAILABLE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_TOGGLE_ITEM: Missing translation entirely
LANG_MOVE_ITEM_UP: Missing translation entirely
LANG_MOVE_ITEM_DOWN: Missing translation entirely
LANG_LOAD_DEFAULT_CONFIGURATION: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SAVE_EXIT: Missing translation entirely
LANG_MAIN_MENU_ORDER: Missing translation entirely
LANG_PROPERTIES_PATH: Missing translation entirely
LANG_PROPERTIES_FILENAME: Missing translation entirely
LANG_PROPERTIES_SIZE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_PROPERTIES_DATE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_PROPERTIES_TIME: Missing translation entirely
LANG_PROPERTIES_ARTIST: Missing translation entirely
LANG_PROPERTIES_TITLE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_PROPERTIES_ALBUM: Missing translation entirely
LANG_PROPERTIES_DURATION: Missing translation entirely
LANG_PROPERTIES_SUBDIRS: Missing translation entirely
LANG_PROPERTIES_FILES: Missing translation entirely
LANG_PROPERTIES_FILE_PROPERTIES: Missing translation entirely
LANG_PROPERTIES_FAIL: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SWAP_CHANNELS: Missing translation entirely
LANG_PANNING_SEPARATION: Missing translation entirely
LANG_REVERBERATION: Missing translation entirely
LANG_INTERPOLATION: Missing translation entirely
LANG_MIKMOD_SURROUND: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CPU_BOOST: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SPACING: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CENTRE_MARGIN: Missing translation entirely
LANG_NUMBER_OF_SLIDES: Missing translation entirely
LANG_ZOOM: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SHOW_ALBUM_TITLE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_RESIZE_COVERS: Missing translation entirely
LANG_REBUILD_CACHE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_WPS_INTEGRATION: Missing translation entirely
LANG_GOTO_WPS: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CLEAR_PLAYLIST: Missing translation entirely
LANG_HIDE_ALBUM_TITLE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SHOW_AT_THE_BOTTOM: Missing translation entirely
LANG_SHOW_AT_THE_TOP: Missing translation entirely
LANG_DIRECT: Missing translation entirely
LANG_VIA_TRACK_LIST: Missing translation entirely
LANG_ALWAYS_ON: Missing translation entirely
LANG_NO_ALBUMART_FOUND: Missing translation entirely
LANG_CACHE_REBUILT_NEXT_RESTART: Missing translation entirely
LANG_PLAYLIST_CLEARED: Missing translation entirely
LANG_ADDED_TO_PLAYLIST: Missing translation entirely
LANG_ERROR_WRITING_CONFIG: Missing translation entirely
LANG_NOT_A_VBR_FILE: Missing translation entirely
LANG_FILE_ERROR: Missing translation entirely

Wrong empty strings

When the English language is set to "" or none, the translation should follow. The strings below don't do this. This is an error and should be fixed.

LANG_CONFIRM_SHUTDOWN:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: OFF fer Üszschaltu - should be: none)
LANG_CONFIRM_SHUTDOWN:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_REMOVE_MMC:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Bitte MMC üsanäh - should be: none)
LANG_REMOVE_MMC:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_FM_RADIO:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: FM Radio - should be: none)
LANG_FM_RADIO:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_RECORDING:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Üfnahm - should be: none)
LANG_RECORDING:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_SHUTDOWN:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Üsschaltu - should be: none)
LANG_SHUTDOWN:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_LOUDNESS:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Verschterchig - should be: none)
LANG_LOUDNESS:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_AUTOVOL:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Autom. Lütschterchi - should be: none)
LANG_AUTOVOL:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_DECAY:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: AV Trägheit - should be: none)
LANG_DECAY:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_SUPERBASS:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Superbass - should be: none)
LANG_SUPERBASS:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_MDB_ENABLE:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: MDB aktivieru - should be: none)
LANG_MDB_ENABLE:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_MDB_STRENGTH:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: MDB Sterchi - should be: none)
LANG_MDB_STRENGTH:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_MDB_HARMONICS:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: MDB Oberteen - should be: none)
LANG_MDB_HARMONICS:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_MDB_CENTER:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: MDB Mittufrequänz - should be: none)
LANG_MDB_CENTER:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_MDB_SHAPE:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: MDB Form - should be: none)
LANG_MDB_SHAPE:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_RECORDING_SETTINGS:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Üfnahmeischtellige - should be: none)
LANG_RECORDING_SETTINGS:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_CUSTOM_FONT:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Schrifte - should be: none)
LANG_CUSTOM_FONT:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_BARS_MENU:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Status-/Scrollliischta - should be: none)
LANG_BARS_MENU:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_TIME_MENU:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Zit & Datum - should be: none)
LANG_TIME_MENU:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_ALARM_MOD_ALARM_MENU:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Wecker - should be: none)
LANG_ALARM_MOD_ALARM_MENU:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_LINE_IN:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Line In - should be: none)
LANG_LINE_IN:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_CAR_ADAPTER_MODE:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Autoadapter Modus - should be: none)
LANG_CAR_ADAPTER_MODE:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_BOOKMARK_SETTINGS_UNIQUE_ONLY:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: nur verschidni - should be: )
LANG_RECORDING_QUALITY:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Qualität - should be: none)
LANG_RECORDING_QUALITY:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_FREQUENCY:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Frequänz - should be: none)
LANG_FREQUENCY:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_RECORDING_SOURCE:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Quella - should be: none)
LANG_RECORDING_SOURCE:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_RECORDING_SRC_MIC:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Mikrofon - should be: none)
LANG_RECORDING_SRC_MIC:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_RECORDING_SRC_DIGITAL:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Digital - should be: none)
LANG_RECORDING_SRC_DIGITAL:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_RECORDING_EDITABLE:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: unabhängigi Frames - should be: none)
LANG_RECORDING_EDITABLE:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_RECORD_TIMESPLIT:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Üfnahm teilu - should be: none)
LANG_RECORD_TIMESPLIT:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_RECORD_PRERECORD_TIME:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Vorüsüfnahmezit - should be: none)
LANG_RECORD_PRERECORD_TIME:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_RECORD_DIRECTORY:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Verzeichnis - should be: none)
LANG_RECORD_DIRECTORY:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_BACKLIGHT_ON_WHEN_CHARGING:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Bilüüchtig a bim Netzbitrieb - should be: none)
LANG_BACKLIGHT_ON_WHEN_CHARGING:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_INVERT:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: LCD Modus - should be: none)
LANG_INVERT:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_INVERT_LCD_INVERSE:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: invertiert - should be: none)
LANG_INVERT_LCD_INVERSE:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_FLIP_DISPLAY:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: umgidräht - should be: none)
LANG_FLIP_DISPLAY:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_INVERT_CURSOR:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Ziiluüswahl - should be: none)
LANG_INVERT_CURSOR:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_INVERT_CURSOR_POINTER:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Zeiger - should be: none)
LANG_INVERT_CURSOR_POINTER:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_INVERT_CURSOR_BAR:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Balku (invertieru) - should be: none)
LANG_INVERT_CURSOR_BAR:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_SCROLL_BAR:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Scrolliischta - should be: none)
LANG_SCROLL_BAR:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_STATUS_BAR:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Statusliischta - should be: none)
LANG_STATUS_BAR:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_BUTTON_BAR:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Taschtuliischta - should be: none)
LANG_BUTTON_BAR:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_VOLUME_DISPLAY:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Lütschterchiazeig - should be: none)
LANG_VOLUME_DISPLAY:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_BATTERY_DISPLAY:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Akku Azeig - should be: none)
LANG_BATTERY_DISPLAY:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_DISPLAY_GRAPHIC:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: grafisch - should be: none)
LANG_DISPLAY_GRAPHIC:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_DISPLAY_NUMERIC:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: numerisch - should be: none)
LANG_DISPLAY_NUMERIC:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_BATTERY_CHARGE:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Akku: Üfladu - should be: none)
LANG_BATTERY_CHARGE:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_BATTERY_TOPOFF_CHARGE:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Akku: Ubergangsladu - should be: none)
LANG_BATTERY_TOPOFF_CHARGE:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_BATTERY_TRICKLE_CHARGE:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Akku: Erhaltladu - should be: none)
LANG_BATTERY_TRICKLE_CHARGE:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
VOICE_CURRENT_TIME:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
VOICE_CURRENT_TIME:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_PITCH_UP:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: schnäller - should be: none)
LANG_PITCH_UP:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_PITCH_DOWN:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: langsamer - should be: none)
LANG_PITCH_DOWN:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_TIME_REVERT:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: OFF = abbrächu - should be: none)
LANG_TIME_REVERT:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_RECORDING_TIME:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Zit: - should be: none)
LANG_RECORDING_TIME:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_RECORDING_SIZE:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Greessi: - should be: none)
LANG_RECORDING_SIZE:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_RECORD_PRERECORD:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Vorüsüfnahm - should be: none)
LANG_RECORD_PRERECORD:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_DISK_FULL:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Feschtplatta isch voll. Drick OFF. - should be: none)
LANG_DISK_FULL:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_ALARM_MOD_TIME:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Weckzit: - should be: none)
LANG_ALARM_MOD_TIME:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_ALARM_MOD_TIME_TO_GO:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Üfwachu in %d:%02d - should be: none)
LANG_ALARM_MOD_TIME_TO_GO:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_ALARM_MOD_SHUTDOWN:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Schaltu üs... - should be: none)
LANG_ALARM_MOD_SHUTDOWN:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_ALARM_MOD_ERROR:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Weckzit isch zfrüeh - should be: none)
LANG_ALARM_MOD_ERROR:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_ALARM_MOD_KEYS:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: PLAY=Ok OFF=Abbrächu - should be: none)
LANG_ALARM_MOD_KEYS:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_WEEKDAY_SUNDAY:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Sun - should be: none)
LANG_WEEKDAY_SUNDAY:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_WEEKDAY_MONDAY:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Män - should be: none)
LANG_WEEKDAY_MONDAY:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_WEEKDAY_TUESDAY:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Zii - should be: none)
LANG_WEEKDAY_TUESDAY:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_WEEKDAY_WEDNESDAY:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Mit - should be: none)
LANG_WEEKDAY_WEDNESDAY:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_WEEKDAY_THURSDAY:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Don - should be: none)
LANG_WEEKDAY_THURSDAY:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_WEEKDAY_FRIDAY:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Fri - should be: none)
LANG_WEEKDAY_FRIDAY:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_WEEKDAY_SATURDAY:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Sam - should be: none)
LANG_WEEKDAY_SATURDAY:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_FM_NO_PRESETS:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Senderlischta läär - should be: none)
LANG_FM_NO_PRESETS:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_FM_EDIT_PRESET:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Sender biarbeitu - should be: none)
LANG_FM_EDIT_PRESET:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_FM_DELETE_PRESET:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Sender leschu - should be: none)
LANG_FM_DELETE_PRESET:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_FM_PRESET_SAVE_FAILED:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Fähler bim spiichru - should be: none)
LANG_FM_PRESET_SAVE_FAILED:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_FM_NO_FREE_PRESETS:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Senderlischta isch voll - should be: none)
LANG_FM_NO_FREE_PRESETS:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_BUTTONBAR_MENU:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Mönü - should be: none)
LANG_BUTTONBAR_MENU:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_FM_BUTTONBAR_EXIT:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Exit - should be: none)
LANG_FM_BUTTONBAR_EXIT:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_FM_BUTTONBAR_ACTION:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Aktion - should be: none)
LANG_FM_BUTTONBAR_ACTION:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_FM_BUTTONBAR_ADD:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Derzüe - should be: none)
LANG_FM_BUTTONBAR_ADD:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_FM_BUTTONBAR_RECORD:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Üfnäh - should be: none)
LANG_FM_BUTTONBAR_RECORD:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_FM_MONO_MODE:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Mono erzwingu - should be: none)
LANG_FM_MONO_MODE:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_SYSFONT_CHANNEL_STEREO:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Stereo - should be: none)
LANG_SYSFONT_CHANNEL_STEREO:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_SYSFONT_CHANNEL_MONO:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Mono - should be: none)
LANG_SYSFONT_CHANNEL_MONO:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_SYSFONT_RECORDING_QUALITY:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Qualität - should be: none)
LANG_SYSFONT_RECORDING_QUALITY:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_SYSFONT_RECORDING_FREQUENCY:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Frequänz - should be: none)
LANG_SYSFONT_RECORDING_FREQUENCY:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_SYSFONT_RECORDING_SOURCE:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Quella - should be: none)
LANG_SYSFONT_RECORDING_SOURCE:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_SYSFONT_RECORDING_SRC_MIC:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Mikrofon - should be: none)
LANG_SYSFONT_RECORDING_SRC_MIC:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_SYSFONT_RECORDING_SRC_DIGITAL:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Digital - should be: none)
LANG_SYSFONT_RECORDING_SRC_DIGITAL:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_SYSFONT_DIRBROWSE_F1:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Mönü - should be: none)
LANG_SYSFONT_DIRBROWSE_F1:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_SYSFONT_DIRBROWSE_F2:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: Option - should be: none)
LANG_SYSFONT_DIRBROWSE_F2:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)
LANG_SYSFONT_DIRBROWSE_F3:* - dest: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: LCD - should be: none)
LANG_SYSFONT_DIRBROWSE_F3:* - voice: Empty string doesn't match English (set to: "" - should be: none)

Identical English and translation

Doesn't have to be a problem, if the string is valid in the Wallisertitsch (Walliser German) language

LANG_FM_RADIO:*: English and translation are the same ("FM Radio")
LANG_BASS:*: English and translation are the same ("Bass")
LANG_BALANCE:*: English and translation are the same ("Balance")
LANG_CHANNEL_STEREO:*: English and translation are the same ("Stereo")
LANG_CHANNEL_MONO:*: English and translation are the same ("Mono")
LANG_CHANNEL_KARAOKE:*: English and translation are the same ("Karaoke")
LANG_VERSION:*: English and translation are the same ("Version")
LANG_LINE_IN:*: English and translation are the same ("Line In")
LANG_RECORDING_SRC_DIGITAL:*: English and translation are the same ("Digital")
LANG_ROCKBOX_INFO:*: English and translation are the same ("Rockbox Info:")
LANG_PAUSE:*: English and translation are the same ("Pause")
LANG_ID3_ALBUM:*: English and translation are the same ("Album")
LANG_WEEKDAY_SUNDAY:*: English and translation are the same ("Sun")
LANG_WEEKDAY_FRIDAY:*: English and translation are the same ("Fri")
LANG_MONTH_JANUARY:*: English and translation are the same ("Jan")
LANG_MONTH_FEBRUARY:*: English and translation are the same ("Feb")
LANG_MONTH_APRIL:*: English and translation are the same ("Apr")
LANG_MONTH_JUNE:*: English and translation are the same ("Jun")
LANG_MONTH_JULY:*: English and translation are the same ("Jul")
LANG_MONTH_SEPTEMBER:*: English and translation are the same ("Sep")
LANG_MONTH_NOVEMBER:*: English and translation are the same ("Nov")
LANG_FM_BUTTONBAR_EXIT:*: English and translation are the same ("Exit")
LANG_SYSFONT_CHANNEL_STEREO:*: English and translation are the same ("Stereo")
LANG_SYSFONT_CHANNEL_MONO:*: English and translation are the same ("Mono")
LANG_SYSFONT_RECORDING_SRC_DIGITAL:*: English and translation are the same ("Digital")
LANG_SYSFONT_DIRBROWSE_F2:*: English and translation are the same ("Option")
LANG_SYSFONT_DIRBROWSE_F3:*: English and translation are the same ("LCD")

Missing voice strings

This is almost certainly a mistake unless the string does not make sense in the Wallisertitsch (Walliser German) language, and should be fixed before it's possible to generate meaningful voicefiles for the Wallisertitsch (Walliser German) language.

LANG_SET_BOOL_YES:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Yes")
LANG_SET_BOOL_NO:*: Voice missing (english voice: "No")
LANG_ON:*: Voice missing (english voice: "On")
LANG_OFF:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Off")
LANG_ASK:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Ask")
LANG_ALWAYS:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Always")
LANG_NORMAL:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Normal")
LANG_GAIN:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Gain")
LANG_WAIT:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Loading")
LANG_LOADING_PERCENT:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Loading")
LANG_SCANNING_DISK:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Scanning disk")
LANG_SHUTTINGDOWN:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Shutting down")
LANG_CANCEL:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Cancelled")
LANG_FAILED:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Failed")
LANG_CHANNELS:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Channels")
LANG_RESET_ASK:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Are You Sure?")
LANG_ROCKBOX_TITLE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Rockbox")
LANG_BOOKMARK_MENU_RECENT_BOOKMARKS:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Recent Bookmarks")
LANG_DIR_BROWSER:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Files")
LANG_TAGCACHE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Database")
LANG_NOW_PLAYING:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Now Playing")
LANG_RESUME_PLAYBACK:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Resume Playback")
LANG_SETTINGS:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Settings")
LANG_RECORDING:recording: Voice missing (english voice: "Recording")
LANG_FM_RADIO:radio: Voice missing (english voice: "FM Radio")
LANG_PLAYLISTS:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Playlists")
LANG_PLUGINS:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Plugins")
LANG_SYSTEM:*: Voice missing (english voice: "System")
LANG_BOOKMARK_SELECT_BOOKMARK:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Select Bookmark")
LANG_BOOKMARK_DONT_RESUME:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Do not resume")
LANG_BOOKMARK_INVALID:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Invalid Bookmark")
LANG_BOOKMARK_CONTEXT_MENU:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Bookmark Actions")
LANG_BOOKMARK_CONTEXT_RESUME:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Resume")
LANG_BOOKMARK_CONTEXT_DELETE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Delete")
LANG_AUTO_BOOKMARK_QUERY:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Create a Bookmark?")
LANG_BOOKMARK_CREATE_SUCCESS:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Bookmark Created")
LANG_BOOKMARK_CREATE_FAILURE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Bookmark Failed!")
LANG_BOOKMARK_LOAD_EMPTY:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Bookmark Empty")
LANG_SOUND_SETTINGS:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Sound Settings")
LANG_VOLUME:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Volume")
LANG_BASS:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Bass")
LANG_TREBLE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Treble")
LANG_BALANCE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Balance")
LANG_CHANNEL_CONFIGURATION:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Channel Configuration")
LANG_CHANNEL_STEREO:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Stereo")
LANG_CHANNEL_MONO:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Mono")
LANG_CHANNEL_CUSTOM:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Custom")
LANG_CHANNEL_LEFT:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Mono Left")
LANG_CHANNEL_RIGHT:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Mono Right")
LANG_CHANNEL_LEFTRIGHT:recording_swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Mono Left plus Right")
LANG_CHANNEL_KARAOKE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Karaoke")
LANG_STEREO_WIDTH:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Stereo Width")
LANG_CROSSFEED:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Crossfeed")
LANG_CROSSFEED_DIRECT_GAIN:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Direct gain")
LANG_CROSSFEED_CROSS_GAIN:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Cross gain")
LANG_CROSSFEED_HF_ATTENUATION:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "High-frequency attenuation")
LANG_CROSSFEED_HF_CUTOFF:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "High-frequency cutoff")
LANG_EQUALIZER:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Equalizer")
LANG_EQUALIZER_ENABLED:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Enable equalizer")
LANG_EQUALIZER_GRAPHICAL:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Graphical equalizer")
LANG_EQUALIZER_PRECUT:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Pre-cut")
LANG_EQUALIZER_GAIN:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Simple equalizer settings")
LANG_EQUALIZER_ADVANCED:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Advanced equalizer settings")
LANG_EQUALIZER_SAVE:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Save equalizer preset")
LANG_EQUALIZER_BROWSE:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Browse equalizer presets")
LANG_EQUALIZER_GAIN_ITEM:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "hertz band gain")
LANG_EQUALIZER_BAND_LOW_SHELF:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Low shelf filter")
LANG_EQUALIZER_BAND_PEAK:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Peak filter")
LANG_EQUALIZER_BAND_HIGH_SHELF:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "High shelf filter")
LANG_EQUALIZER_BAND_CUTOFF:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Cutoff Frequency")
LANG_EQUALIZER_BAND_CENTER:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Centre frequency")
LANG_EQUALIZER_BAND_Q:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Q")
LANG_DITHERING:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Dithering")
LANG_DITHERING:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Dithering")
LANG_LOUDNESS:masf: Voice missing (english voice: "Loudness")
LANG_AUTOVOL:masf: Voice missing (english voice: "Auto Volume")
LANG_SUPERBASS:masf: Voice missing (english voice: "Super Bass")
LANG_MDB_ENABLE:masf: Voice missing (english voice: "MDB Enable")
LANG_MDB_STRENGTH:masf: Voice missing (english voice: "MDB Strength")
LANG_MDB_HARMONICS:masf: Voice missing (english voice: "MDB Harmonics")
LANG_MDB_CENTER:masf: Voice missing (english voice: "MDB Centre Frequency")
LANG_MDB_SHAPE:masf: Voice missing (english voice: "MDB Shape")
LANG_GENERAL_SETTINGS:*: Voice missing (english voice: "General Settings")
LANG_PLAYBACK:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Playback Settings")
LANG_SHUFFLE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Shuffle")
LANG_REPEAT:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Repeat")
LANG_ALL:*: Voice missing (english voice: "All")
LANG_REPEAT_ONE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "One")
LANG_REPEAT_AB:*: Voice missing (english voice: "A-B")
LANG_PLAY_SELECTED:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Play Selected File First")
LANG_WIND_MENU:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Fast forward and Rewind")
LANG_FFRW_STEP:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Minimum Step")
LANG_FFRW_ACCEL:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Acceleration")
LANG_MP3BUFFER_MARGIN:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Anti-Skip Buffer")
LANG_FADE_ON_STOP:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Fade On Stop and Pause")
LANG_PARTY_MODE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Party Mode")
LANG_CROSSFADE:crossfade: Voice missing (english voice: "Crossfade")
LANG_CROSSFADE_ENABLE:crossfade: Voice missing (english voice: "Enable Crossfade")
LANG_MANTRACKSKIP:crossfade: Voice missing (english voice: "Manual Track Skip Only")
LANG_SHUFFLE_TRACKSKIP:crossfade: Voice missing (english voice: "Shuffle or Manual Track Skip")
LANG_CROSSFADE_FADE_IN_DELAY:crossfade: Voice missing (english voice: "Fade-In Delay")
LANG_CROSSFADE_FADE_IN_DURATION:crossfade: Voice missing (english voice: "Fade-In Duration")
LANG_CROSSFADE_FADE_OUT_DELAY:crossfade: Voice missing (english voice: "Fade-Out Delay")
LANG_CROSSFADE_FADE_OUT_DURATION:crossfade: Voice missing (english voice: "Fade-Out Duration")
LANG_CROSSFADE_FADE_OUT_MODE:crossfade: Voice missing (english voice: "Fade-Out Mode")
LANG_MIX:crossfade: Voice missing (english voice: "Mix")
LANG_REPLAYGAIN:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Replaygain")
LANG_REPLAYGAIN_NOCLIP:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Prevent Clipping")
LANG_REPLAYGAIN_MODE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Replaygain Type")
LANG_ALBUM_GAIN:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Album Gain")
LANG_TRACK_GAIN:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Track Gain")
LANG_SHUFFLE_GAIN:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Track Gain if Shuffling")
LANG_REPLAYGAIN_PREAMP:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Preamp")
LANG_BEEP:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Track Skip Beep")
LANG_WEAK:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Weak")
LANG_MODERATE:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Moderate")
LANG_STRONG:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Strong")
LANG_SPDIF_ENABLE:spdif_power: Voice missing (english voice: "Optical Output")
LANG_NEXT_FOLDER:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Auto-Change Directory")
LANG_RANDOM:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Random")
LANG_AUDIOSCROBBLER:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Last.fm Log")
LANG_CUESHEET_ENABLE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Cuesheet Support")
LANG_HEADPHONE_UNPLUG:headphone_detection: Voice missing (english voice: "Pause on Headphone Unplug")
LANG_HEADPHONE_UNPLUG_RESUME:headphone_detection: Voice missing (english voice: "Pause and Resume")
LANG_HEADPHONE_UNPLUG_DISABLE_AUTORESUME:headphone_detection: Voice missing (english voice: "Disable resume on startup if phones unplugged")
LANG_FILE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "File View")
LANG_SORT_CASE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Sort Case Sensitive")
LANG_SORT_DIR:*: Voice missing (english voice: "sort directories")
LANG_SORT_FILE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "sort files")
LANG_SORT_ALPHA:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Alphabetical")
LANG_SORT_DATE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "By Date")
LANG_SORT_DATE_REVERSE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "By Newest Date")
LANG_SORT_TYPE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "By Type")
LANG_FILTER:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Show Files")
LANG_FILTER_SUPPORTED:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Supported")
LANG_FILTER_MUSIC:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Music")
LANG_FOLLOW:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Follow Playlist")
LANG_SHOW_PATH:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Show Path")
LANG_SHOW_PATH_CURRENT:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Current Directory Only")
LANG_DISPLAY_FULL_PATH:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Full Path")
LANG_BUILDING_DATABASE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "entries found for database")
LANG_TAGCACHE_RAM:tc_ramcache: Voice missing (english voice: "Load to RAM")
LANG_TAGCACHE_AUTOUPDATE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Auto Update")
LANG_TAGCACHE_FORCE_UPDATE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Initialize Now")
LANG_TAGCACHE_UPDATE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Update Now")
LANG_RUNTIMEDB_ACTIVE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Gather Runtime Data")
LANG_TAGCACHE_EXPORT:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Export Modifications")
LANG_TAGCACHE_IMPORT:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Import Modifications")
LANG_TAGCACHE_FORCE_UPDATE_SPLASH:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Updating in background")
LANG_TAGCACHE_INIT:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Committing database")
LANG_TAGCACHE_BUSY:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Database is not ready")
LANG_TAGNAVI_ALL_TRACKS:*: Voice missing (english voice: "All tracks")
LANG_DISPLAY:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Display")
LANG_CUSTOM_FONT:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Font")
LANG_WHILE_PLAYING:*: Voice missing (english voice: "While playing screen")
LANG_REMOTE_WHILE_PLAYING:remote: Voice missing (english voice: "Remote While Playing Screen")
LANG_LCD_MENU:*: Voice missing (english voice: "LCD Settings")
LANG_BACKLIGHT:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Backlight")
LANG_BACKLIGHT_ON_WHEN_CHARGING:charging: Voice missing (english voice: "Backlight (While Plugged In)")
LANG_BACKLIGHT_ON_BUTTON_HOLD:hold_button: Voice missing (english voice: "Backlight on hold")
LANG_CAPTION_BACKLIGHT:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Caption Backlight")
LANG_BACKLIGHT_FADE_IN:backlight_fade*: Voice missing (english voice: "Backlight Fade In")
LANG_BACKLIGHT_FADE_OUT:backlight_fade*: Voice missing (english voice: "Backlight Fade Out")
LANG_BACKLIGHT_FILTER_FIRST_KEYPRESS:*: Voice missing (english voice: "First Buttonpress Enables Backlight Only")
LANG_LCD_SLEEP_AFTER_BACKLIGHT_OFF:lcd_sleep: Voice missing (english voice: "Sleep after backlight off")
LANG_BRIGHTNESS:backlight_brightness: Voice missing (english voice: "Brightness")
LANG_CONTRAST:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Contrast")
LANG_INVERT:lcd_invert,remote_lcd_invert: Voice missing (english voice: "LCD Mode")
LANG_INVERT_LCD_INVERSE:lcd_invert,remote_lcd_invert: Voice missing (english voice: "Inverse")
LANG_FLIP_DISPLAY:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Upside Down")
LANG_INVERT_CURSOR:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Line Selector Type")
LANG_INVERT_CURSOR_POINTER:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Pointer")
LANG_INVERT_CURSOR_BAR:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Inverse Bar")
LANG_CLEAR_BACKDROP:lcd_non-mono: Voice missing (english voice: "Clear Backdrop")
LANG_BACKGROUND_COLOR:lcd_color: Voice missing (english voice: "Background Colour")
LANG_FOREGROUND_COLOR:lcd_color: Voice missing (english voice: "Foreground Colour")
LANG_RESET_COLORS:lcd_color: Voice missing (english voice: "Reset Colours")
LANG_LCD_REMOTE_MENU:remote: Voice missing (english voice: "Remote LCD settings")
LANG_REDUCE_TICKING:remote_ticking: Voice missing (english voice: "Reduce Ticking")
LANG_SHOW_ICONS:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Show Icons")
LANG_SCROLL_MENU:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Scrolling")
LANG_SCROLL_SPEED:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Scroll Speed")
LANG_SCROLL_DELAY:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Scroll Start Delay")
LANG_SCROLL_STEP:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Scroll Step Size")
LANG_BIDIR_SCROLL:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Bidirectional Scroll Limit")
LANG_REMOTE_SCROLL_SETS:remote: Voice missing (english voice: "Remote Scrolling Options")
LANG_SCREEN_SCROLL_VIEW:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Screen Scrolls Out Of View")
LANG_SCREEN_SCROLL_STEP:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Screen Scroll Step Size")
LANG_SCROLL_PAGINATED:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Paged scrolling")
LANG_LISTACCEL_START_DELAY:*: Voice missing (english voice: "List Acceleration Start Delay")
LANG_LISTACCEL_ACCEL_SPEED:*: Voice missing (english voice: "List Acceleration Speed")
LANG_BARS_MENU:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Status- and Scrollbar")
LANG_SCROLL_BAR:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Scroll Bar")
LANG_STATUS_BAR:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Status Bar")
LANG_BUTTON_BAR:recorder_pad: Voice missing (english voice: "Button Bar")
LANG_VOLUME_DISPLAY:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Volume Display")
LANG_BATTERY_DISPLAY:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Battery Display")
LANG_DISPLAY_GRAPHIC:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Graphic")
LANG_DISPLAY_NUMERIC:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Numeric")
LANG_PM_MENU:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Peak Meter")
LANG_PM_CLIP_HOLD:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Clip Hold Time")
LANG_PM_PEAK_HOLD:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Peak Hold Time")
LANG_PM_ETERNAL:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Eternal")
LANG_PM_RELEASE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Peak Release")
LANG_PM_SCALE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Scale")
LANG_PM_DBFS:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Logarithmic decibel")
LANG_PM_LINEAR:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Linear percent")
LANG_PM_MIN:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Minimum Of Range")
LANG_PM_MAX:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Maximum Of Range")
LANG_DEFAULT_CODEPAGE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Default codepage")
LANG_CODEPAGE_LATIN1:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Latin 1")
LANG_CODEPAGE_GREEK:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Greek")
LANG_CODEPAGE_HEBREW:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Hebrew")
LANG_CODEPAGE_CYRILLIC:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Cyrillic")
LANG_CODEPAGE_THAI:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Thai")
LANG_CODEPAGE_ARABIC:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Arabic")
LANG_CODEPAGE_TURKISH:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Turkish")
LANG_CODEPAGE_LATIN_EXTENDED:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Latin extended")
LANG_CODEPAGE_JAPANESE:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Japanese")
LANG_CODEPAGE_SIMPLIFIED:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Simplified Chinese")
LANG_CODEPAGE_KOREAN:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Korean")
LANG_CODEPAGE_TRADITIONAL:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Traditional Chinese")
LANG_CODEPAGE_UTF8:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Unicode")
LANG_BUTTONLIGHT_TIMEOUT:button_light: Voice missing (english voice: "Button Light Timeout")
LANG_BUTTONLIGHT_TIMEOUT:sansafuze*,sansae200*: Voice missing (english voice: "Wheel Light Timeout")
LANG_BUTTONLIGHT_BRIGHTNESS:buttonlight_brightness: Voice missing (english voice: "Button Light Brightness")
LANG_START_SCREEN:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Start Screen")
LANG_MAIN_MENU:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Main Menu")
LANG_PREVIOUS_SCREEN:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Previous Screen")
LANG_BATTERY_MENU:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Battery")
LANG_BATTERY_CAPACITY:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Battery Capacity")
LANG_BATTERY_TYPE:battery_types: Voice missing (english voice: "Battery type")
LANG_BATTERY_TYPE_ALKALINE:battery_types: Voice missing (english voice: "Alkaline")
LANG_BATTERY_TYPE_NIMH:battery_types: Voice missing (english voice: "Nickel metal hydride")
LANG_DISK_MENU:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Disk")
LANG_SPINDOWN:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Disk Spindown")
LANG_DIRCACHE_ENABLE:dircache: Voice missing (english voice: "Directory Cache")
LANG_TIME_MENU:rtc: Voice missing (english voice: "Time and Date")
LANG_SET_TIME:rtc: Voice missing (english voice: "Set Time and Date")
LANG_TIMEFORMAT:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Time Format")
LANG_12_HOUR_CLOCK:*: Voice missing (english voice: "12 Hour Clock")
LANG_24_HOUR_CLOCK:*: Voice missing (english voice: "24 Hour Clock")
LANG_MONTH_JANUARY:*: Voice missing (english voice: "January")
LANG_MONTH_FEBRUARY:*: Voice missing (english voice: "February")
LANG_MONTH_MARCH:*: Voice missing (english voice: "March")
LANG_MONTH_APRIL:*: Voice missing (english voice: "April")
LANG_MONTH_MAY:*: Voice missing (english voice: "May")
LANG_MONTH_JUNE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "June")
LANG_MONTH_JULY:*: Voice missing (english voice: "July")
LANG_MONTH_AUGUST:*: Voice missing (english voice: "August")
LANG_MONTH_SEPTEMBER:*: Voice missing (english voice: "September")
LANG_MONTH_OCTOBER:*: Voice missing (english voice: "October")
LANG_MONTH_NOVEMBER:*: Voice missing (english voice: "November")
LANG_MONTH_DECEMBER:*: Voice missing (english voice: "December")
LANG_POWEROFF_IDLE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Idle Poweroff")
LANG_SLEEP_TIMER:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Sleep Timer")
LANG_LIMITS_MENU:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Limits")
LANG_MAX_FILES_IN_DIR:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Maximum entries in file browser")
LANG_MAX_FILES_IN_PLAYLIST:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Maximum playlist size")
LANG_CAR_ADAPTER_MODE:charging: Voice missing (english voice: "Car Adapter Mode")
LANG_ALARM_MOD_ALARM_MENU:alarm: Voice missing (english voice: "Wake-Up Alarm")
LANG_ALARM_WAKEUP_SCREEN:alarm: Voice missing (english voice: "Alarm Wake up Screen")
LANG_ALARM_MOD_TIME_TO_GO:alarm: Voice missing (english voice: "Waking up in")
LANG_ALARM_MOD_SHUTDOWN:alarm: Voice missing (english voice: "Alarm set")
LANG_ALARM_MOD_ERROR:alarm: Voice missing (english voice: "Alarm Time Is Too Soon!")
LANG_ALARM_MOD_DISABLE:alarm: Voice missing (english voice: "Alarm Disabled")
LANG_BOOKMARK_SETTINGS:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Bookmarking")
LANG_BOOKMARK_SETTINGS_AUTOCREATE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Bookmark on Stop")
LANG_BOOKMARK_SETTINGS_RECENT_ONLY_YES:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Yes - Recent only")
LANG_BOOKMARK_SETTINGS_RECENT_ONLY_ASK:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Ask - Recent only")
LANG_BOOKMARK_SETTINGS_AUTOLOAD:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Load Last Bookmark")
LANG_BOOKMARK_SETTINGS_MAINTAIN_RECENT_BOOKMARKS:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Maintain a List of Recent Bookmarks?")
LANG_LANGUAGE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Language")
LANG_LANGUAGE_LOADED:*: Voice missing (english voice: "New Language")
LANG_VOICE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Voice")
LANG_VOICE_MENU:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Voice Menus")
LANG_VOICE_DIR:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Voice Directories")
LANG_VOICE_DIR_TALK:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Use Directory .talk Clips")
LANG_VOICE_FILE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Voice Filenames")
LANG_VOICE_FILE_TALK:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Use File .talk Clips")
LANG_VOICE_NUMBER:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Numbers")
LANG_VOICE_SPELL:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Spell")
LANG_VOICE_DIR_HOVER:*: Voice missing (english voice: "talk Clip")
LANG_MANAGE_MENU:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Manage Settings")
LANG_CUSTOM_CFG:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Browse configuration files")
LANG_SETTINGS_LOADED:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Settings Loaded")
LANG_RESET:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Reset Settings")
LANG_RESET_DONE_CLEAR:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Cleared")
LANG_SAVE_SETTINGS:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Save configuration file")
LANG_SETTINGS_SAVED:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Settings Saved")
LANG_SAVE_THEME:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Save Theme Settings")
LANG_CUSTOM_THEME:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Browse Theme Files")
LANG_RECORDING_SETTINGS:recording: Voice missing (english voice: "Recording Settings")
LANG_FM_MENU:radio: Voice missing (english voice: "FM Radio Menu")
LANG_FM_NO_PRESETS:radio: Voice missing (english voice: "No presets")
LANG_FM_ADD_PRESET:radio: Voice missing (english voice: "Add Preset")
LANG_FM_EDIT_PRESET:radio: Voice missing (english voice: "Edit Preset")
LANG_FM_DELETE_PRESET:radio: Voice missing (english voice: "Remove Preset")
LANG_FM_PRESET_SAVE_FAILED:radio: Voice missing (english voice: "Preset Save Failed")
LANG_FM_NO_FREE_PRESETS:radio: Voice missing (english voice: "The Preset List is Full")
LANG_PRESET:radio: Voice missing (english voice: "Preset")
LANG_FM_MONO_MODE:radio: Voice missing (english voice: "Force Mono")
LANG_FM_SCAN_PRESETS:radio: Voice missing (english voice: "Auto scan presets")
LANG_FM_CLEAR_PRESETS:radio: Voice missing (english voice: "Clear Current Presets?")
LANG_RADIO_SCAN_MODE:radio: Voice missing (english voice: "Scan")
LANG_FM_PRESET_LOAD:radio: Voice missing (english voice: "Load Preset List")
LANG_FM_PRESET_SAVE:radio: Voice missing (english voice: "Save Preset List")
LANG_FM_PRESET_CLEAR:radio: Voice missing (english voice: "Clear Preset List")
LANG_FMR:radio: Voice missing (english voice: "Preset List")
LANG_FM_FIRST_AUTOSCAN:radio: Voice missing (english voice: "No settings found. Autoscan?")
LANG_FM_REGION:radio: Voice missing (english voice: "Region")
LANG_FM_EUROPE:radio: Voice missing (english voice: "Europe")
LANG_FM_US:radio: Voice missing (english voice: "US and Canada")
LANG_FM_JAPAN:radio: Voice missing (english voice: "Japan")
LANG_FM_KOREA:radio: Voice missing (english voice: "Korea")
LANG_RECORDING_FORMAT:recording: Voice missing (english voice: "Format")
LANG_AFMT_MPA_L3:recording: Voice missing (english voice: "MPEG Layer 3")
LANG_AFMT_PCM_WAV:recording: Voice missing (english voice: "PCM Wave")
LANG_AFMT_WAVPACK:recording_swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "WavPack")
LANG_AFMT_AIFF:recording: Voice missing (english voice: "AIFF")
LANG_ENCODER_SETTINGS:recording: Voice missing (english voice: "Encoder Settings")
LANG_BITRATE:recording_swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Bitrate")
LANG_NO_SETTINGS:recording: Voice missing (english voice: "No settings available")
LANG_RECORDING_QUALITY:recording_hwcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Quality")
LANG_FREQUENCY:recording,play_frequency: Voice missing (english voice: "Frequency")
LANG_SOURCE_FREQUENCY:recording: Voice missing (english voice: "Same As Source")
LANG_RECORDING_SOURCE:recording: Voice missing (english voice: "Source")
LANG_RECORDING_SRC_MIC:recording: Voice missing (english voice: "Microphone")
LANG_RECORDING_SRC_MIC:iriverh100,iriverh120,iriverh300: Voice missing (english voice: "Internal Microphone")
LANG_RECORDING_SRC_DIGITAL:recording: Voice missing (english voice: "Digital")
LANG_LINE_IN:recording,archosplayer: Voice missing (english voice: "Line In")
LANG_RECORDING_EDITABLE:recording_hwcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Independent Frames")
LANG_RECORD_TIMESPLIT:recording: Voice missing (english voice: "File Split Options")
LANG_SPLIT_MEASURE:recording: Voice missing (english voice: "Split Measure")
LANG_SPLIT_TYPE:recording: Voice missing (english voice: "What to do when Splitting")
LANG_START_NEW_FILE:recording: Voice missing (english voice: "Start new file")
LANG_STOP_RECORDING:recording: Voice missing (english voice: "Stop recording")
LANG_SPLIT_TIME:recording: Voice missing (english voice: "Split Time")
LANG_SPLIT_SIZE:recording: Voice missing (english voice: "Split Filesize")
LANG_RECORD_PRERECORD_TIME:recording: Voice missing (english voice: "Pre-Record time")
LANG_RECORD_DIRECTORY:recording: Voice missing (english voice: "Directory")
LANG_SET_AS_REC_DIR:recording: Voice missing (english voice: "Set As Recording Directory")
LANG_CLEAR_REC_DIR:recording: Voice missing (english voice: "Clear Recording Directory")
LANG_REC_DIR_NOT_WRITABLE:recording: Voice missing (english voice: "Can't write to recording directory")
LANG_CLIP_LIGHT:recording: Voice missing (english voice: "Clipping Light")
LANG_MAIN_UNIT:remote: Voice missing (english voice: "Main unit only")
LANG_REMOTE_UNIT:remote: Voice missing (english voice: "Remote unit only")
LANG_REMOTE_MAIN:remote: Voice missing (english voice: "Main and remote unit")
LANG_RECORD_TRIGGER:recording: Voice missing (english voice: "Trigger")
LANG_RECORD_TRIG_NOREARM:recording: Voice missing (english voice: "Once")
LANG_RECORD_TRIGGER_TYPE:recording: Voice missing (english voice: "Trigger type")
LANG_RECORD_TRIGGER_NEWFILESTP:recording: Voice missing (english voice: "New file")
LANG_RECORD_TRIGGER_STOP:recording: Voice missing (english voice: "Stop")
LANG_RECORD_START_THRESHOLD:recording: Voice missing (english voice: "Start Above")
LANG_MIN_DURATION:recording: Voice missing (english voice: "for at least")
LANG_RECORD_STOP_THRESHOLD:recording: Voice missing (english voice: "Stop Below")
LANG_RECORD_STOP_GAP:recording: Voice missing (english voice: "Presplit Gap")
LANG_AGC_SAFETY:agc: Voice missing (english voice: "Safety (clip)")
LANG_AGC_LIVE:agc: Voice missing (english voice: "Live (slow)")
LANG_AGC_DJSET:agc: Voice missing (english voice: "DJ set (slow)")
LANG_AGC_MEDIUM:agc: Voice missing (english voice: "Medium")
LANG_AGC_VOICE:agc: Voice missing (english voice: "Voice (fast)")
LANG_REMOTE_LCD_OFF:remote: Voice missing (english voice: "Remote Display OFF")
LANG_REMOTE_LCD_ON:remote: Voice missing (english voice: "(Vol- : Re-enable)")
LANG_CREATE_PLAYLIST:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Create Playlist")
LANG_PLAYLISTVIEWER_SETTINGS:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Playlist Viewer Settings")
LANG_VIEW_DYNAMIC_PLAYLIST:*: Voice missing (english voice: "View Current Playlist")
LANG_MOVE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Move")
LANG_SHOW_INDICES:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Show Indices")
LANG_TRACK_DISPLAY:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Track Display")
LANG_DISPLAY_TRACK_NAME_ONLY:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Track Name Only")
LANG_REMOVE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Remove")
LANG_SAVE_DYNAMIC_PLAYLIST:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Save Current Playlist")
LANG_PLAYLIST_SAVE_COUNT:*: Voice missing (english voice: "tracks saved")
LANG_CATALOG:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Playlist Catalogue")
LANG_RECURSE_DIRECTORY:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Recursively Insert Directories")
LANG_RECURSE_DIRECTORY_QUESTION:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Recursively?")
LANG_WARN_ERASEDYNPLAYLIST_MENU:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Warn When Erasing Dynamic Playlist")
LANG_WARN_ERASEDYNPLAYLIST_PROMPT:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Erase dynamic playlist?")
LANG_SHUTDOWN:soft_shutdown: Voice missing (english voice: "Shut down")
LANG_ROCKBOX_INFO:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Rockbox Info")
LANG_BUFFER_STAT:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Buffer size")
LANG_BATTERY_TIME:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Battery level")
LANG_DISK_SIZE_INFO:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Disk size")
LANG_DISK_FREE_INFO:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Free diskspace:")
LANG_DISK_NAME_INTERNAL:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Internal")
LANG_DISK_NAME_INTERNAL:xduoox3: Voice missing (english voice: "micro S D 1")
LANG_DISK_NAME_MMC:multivolume: Voice missing (english voice: "H D 1")
LANG_DISK_NAME_MMC:sansae200*,sansac200*,sansafuze*,sansaclipplus: Voice missing (english voice: "micro S D")
LANG_DISK_NAME_MMC:xduoox3: Voice missing (english voice: "micro S D 2")
LANG_DISK_NAME_MMC:archosondio*: Voice missing (english voice: "M M C")
LANG_VERSION:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Version")
LANG_RUNNING_TIME:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Running Time")
LANG_TOP_TIME:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Top Time")
LANG_CLEAR_TIME:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Clear Time?")
LANG_DEBUG:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Debug, keep out!")
LANG_PLAYLIST:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Playlist")
LANG_INSERT:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Insert")
LANG_INSERT_FIRST:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Insert Next")
LANG_INSERT_LAST:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Insert Last")
LANG_INSERT_SHUFFLED:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Insert Shuffled")
LANG_QUEUE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Queue")
LANG_QUEUE_FIRST:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Queue Next")
LANG_QUEUE_LAST:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Queue Last")
LANG_QUEUE_SHUFFLED:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Queue Shuffled")
LANG_REPLACE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Play Next")
LANG_PLAYLIST_INSERT_COUNT:*: Voice missing (english voice: "tracks inserted")
LANG_PLAYLIST_QUEUE_COUNT:*: Voice missing (english voice: "tracks queued")
LANG_VIEW:*: Voice missing (english voice: "View")
LANG_SEARCH_IN_PLAYLIST:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Search In Playlist")
LANG_PLAYLIST_SEARCH_MSG:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Found")
LANG_SHUFFLE_PLAYLIST:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Reshuffle")
LANG_CATALOG_VIEW:*: Voice missing (english voice: "View Catalogue")
LANG_CATALOG_ADD_TO:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Add to Playlist")
LANG_CATALOG_ADD_TO_NEW:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Add to New Playlist")
LANG_CATALOG_NO_DIRECTORY:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Playlist directory doesn't exist")
LANG_CATALOG_NO_PLAYLISTS:*: Voice missing (english voice: "No Playlists")
LANG_BOOKMARK_MENU:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Bookmarks")
LANG_BOOKMARK_MENU_CREATE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Create Bookmark")
LANG_BOOKMARK_MENU_LIST:*: Voice missing (english voice: "List Bookmarks")
LANG_ONPLAY_MENU_TITLE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Context Menu")
LANG_MENU_SET_RATING:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Set Song Rating")
LANG_BROWSE_CUESHEET:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Browse Cuesheet")
LANG_MENU_SHOW_ID3_INFO:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Show Track Info")
LANG_ID3_LENGTH:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Length")
LANG_ID3_ALBUMARTIST:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Album Artist")
LANG_ID3_DISCNUM:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Disc number")
LANG_ID3_COMMENT:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Comment")
LANG_ID3_VBR:*: Voice missing (english voice: "VBR")
LANG_ID3_TRACK_GAIN:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Track gain")
LANG_ID3_ALBUM_GAIN:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Album gain")
LANG_RENAME:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Rename")
LANG_CUT:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Cut")
LANG_COPY:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Copy")
LANG_PASTE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Paste")
LANG_REALLY_OVERWRITE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "File or directory exists. Overwrite?")
LANG_DELETE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Delete")
LANG_DELETE_DIR:*: Voice missing (english voice: "delete directory")
LANG_REALLY_DELETE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Really delete?")
LANG_COPYING:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Copying")
LANG_DELETING:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Deleting")
LANG_MOVING:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Moving")
LANG_DELETED:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Deleted")
LANG_SET_AS_BACKDROP:lcd_non-mono: Voice missing (english voice: "Set As Backdrop")
LANG_ONPLAY_OPEN_WITH:*: Voice missing (english voice: "open with")
LANG_CREATE_DIR:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Create Directory")
LANG_PROPERTIES:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Properties")
LANG_ADD_TO_FAVES:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Add to Shortcuts")
LANG_PITCH:pitchscreen: Voice missing (english voice: "Pitch")
LANG_PLAYLIST_BUFFER_FULL:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Playlist Buffer Full")
LANG_END_PLAYLIST:*: Voice missing (english voice: "End of Song List")
LANG_NOTHING_TO_RESUME:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Nothing to resume")
LANG_PLAYLIST_CONTROL_UPDATE_ERROR:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Error updating playlist control file")
LANG_PLAYLIST_ACCESS_ERROR:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Error accessing playlist file")
LANG_PLAYLIST_CONTROL_ACCESS_ERROR:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Error accessing playlist control file")
LANG_PLAYLIST_DIRECTORY_ACCESS_ERROR:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Error accessing directory")
LANG_PLAYLIST_CONTROL_INVALID:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Playlist control file is invalid")
LANG_PAUSE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Pause")
LANG_MODE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Mode:")
LANG_TIME:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Time")
LANG_USB_CHARGING:usb_charging_enable: Voice missing (english voice: "Charge During U S B Connection")
LANG_DB_INF:recording: Voice missing (english voice: "minus infinity")
LANG_REMOVE_MMC:archosondio*: Voice missing (english voice: "Please remove multimedia card")
LANG_BOOT_CHANGED:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Boot changed")
LANG_REBOOT_NOW:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Reboot now?")
LANG_NO_FILES:*: Voice missing (english voice: "No files")
LANG_KEYBOARD_LOADED:*: Voice missing (english voice: "New Keyboard")
LANG_PLUGIN_WRONG_MODEL:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Incompatible model")
LANG_PLUGIN_WRONG_VERSION:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Incompatible version")
LANG_PLUGIN_ERROR:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Plugin returned error")
LANG_FILETYPES_FULL:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Filetype array full")
LANG_SHOWDIR_BUFFER_FULL:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Directory Buffer is Full!")
LANG_INVALID_FILENAME:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Invalid Filename")
LANG_PLEASE_REBOOT:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Please reboot to enable")
LANG_BATTERY_CHARGE:charging: Voice missing (english voice: "Battery: Charging")
LANG_BATTERY_TOPOFF_CHARGE:archosrecorder: Voice missing (english voice: "Top off charge")
LANG_BATTERY_TRICKLE_CHARGE:charging: Voice missing (english voice: "Trickle charge")
LANG_WARNING_BATTERY_LOW:*: Voice missing (english voice: "WARNING! Low Battery!")
LANG_WARNING_BATTERY_EMPTY:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Battery empty! RECHARGE!")
LANG_POINT:*: Voice missing (english voice: "point")
VOICE_ZERO:*: Voice missing (english voice: "0")
VOICE_ONE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "1")
VOICE_TWO:*: Voice missing (english voice: "2")
VOICE_THREE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "3")
VOICE_FOUR:*: Voice missing (english voice: "4")
VOICE_FIVE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "5")
VOICE_SIX:*: Voice missing (english voice: "6")
VOICE_SEVEN:*: Voice missing (english voice: "7")
VOICE_EIGHT:*: Voice missing (english voice: "8")
VOICE_NINE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "9")
VOICE_TEN:*: Voice missing (english voice: "10")
VOICE_ELEVEN:*: Voice missing (english voice: "11")
VOICE_TWELVE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "12")
VOICE_THIRTEEN:*: Voice missing (english voice: "13")
VOICE_FOURTEEN:*: Voice missing (english voice: "14")
VOICE_FIFTEEN:*: Voice missing (english voice: "15")
VOICE_SIXTEEN:*: Voice missing (english voice: "16")
VOICE_SEVENTEEN:*: Voice missing (english voice: "17")
VOICE_EIGHTEEN:*: Voice missing (english voice: "18")
VOICE_NINETEEN:*: Voice missing (english voice: "19")
VOICE_TWENTY:*: Voice missing (english voice: "20")
VOICE_THIRTY:*: Voice missing (english voice: "30")
VOICE_FORTY:*: Voice missing (english voice: "40")
VOICE_FIFTY:*: Voice missing (english voice: "50")
VOICE_SIXTY:*: Voice missing (english voice: "60")
VOICE_SEVENTY:*: Voice missing (english voice: "70")
VOICE_EIGHTY:*: Voice missing (english voice: "80")
VOICE_NINETY:*: Voice missing (english voice: "90")
VOICE_HUNDRED:*: Voice missing (english voice: "hundred")
VOICE_THOUSAND:*: Voice missing (english voice: "thousand")
VOICE_MILLION:*: Voice missing (english voice: "million")
VOICE_BILLION:*: Voice missing (english voice: "billion")
VOICE_MINUS:*: Voice missing (english voice: "minus")
VOICE_PLUS:*: Voice missing (english voice: "plus")
VOICE_MILLISECONDS:*: Voice missing (english voice: "milliseconds")
VOICE_SECOND:*: Voice missing (english voice: "second")
VOICE_SECONDS:*: Voice missing (english voice: "seconds")
VOICE_MINUTE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "minute")
VOICE_MINUTES:*: Voice missing (english voice: "minutes")
VOICE_HOUR:*: Voice missing (english voice: "hour")
VOICE_HOURS:*: Voice missing (english voice: "hours")
VOICE_KHZ:*: Voice missing (english voice: "kilohertz")
VOICE_DB:*: Voice missing (english voice: "decibel")
VOICE_PERCENT:*: Voice missing (english voice: "percent")
VOICE_MILLIAMPHOURS:*: Voice missing (english voice: "milli-amp hours")
VOICE_PIXEL:*: Voice missing (english voice: "pixel")
VOICE_PER_SEC:*: Voice missing (english voice: "per second")
VOICE_HERTZ:*: Voice missing (english voice: "hertz")
VOICE_KBIT_PER_SEC:*: Voice missing (english voice: "kilobits per second")
VOICE_CHAR_A:*: Voice missing (english voice: "A")
VOICE_CHAR_B:*: Voice missing (english voice: "B")
VOICE_CHAR_C:*: Voice missing (english voice: "C")
VOICE_CHAR_D:*: Voice missing (english voice: "D")
VOICE_CHAR_E:*: Voice missing (english voice: "E")
VOICE_CHAR_F:*: Voice missing (english voice: "F")
VOICE_CHAR_G:*: Voice missing (english voice: "G")
VOICE_CHAR_H:*: Voice missing (english voice: "H")
VOICE_CHAR_I:*: Voice missing (english voice: "I")
VOICE_CHAR_J:*: Voice missing (english voice: "J")
VOICE_CHAR_K:*: Voice missing (english voice: "K")
VOICE_CHAR_L:*: Voice missing (english voice: "L")
VOICE_CHAR_M:*: Voice missing (english voice: "M")
VOICE_CHAR_N:*: Voice missing (english voice: "N")
VOICE_CHAR_O:*: Voice missing (english voice: "O")
VOICE_CHAR_P:*: Voice missing (english voice: "P")
VOICE_CHAR_Q:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Q")
VOICE_CHAR_R:*: Voice missing (english voice: "R")
VOICE_CHAR_S:*: Voice missing (english voice: "S")
VOICE_CHAR_T:*: Voice missing (english voice: "T")
VOICE_CHAR_U:*: Voice missing (english voice: "U")
VOICE_CHAR_V:*: Voice missing (english voice: "V")
VOICE_CHAR_W:*: Voice missing (english voice: "W")
VOICE_CHAR_X:*: Voice missing (english voice: "X")
VOICE_CHAR_Y:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Y")
VOICE_CHAR_Z:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Z")
VOICE_DOT:*: Voice missing (english voice: "dot")
VOICE_FILE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "file")
VOICE_DIR:*: Voice missing (english voice: "folder")
VOICE_EXT_MPA:*: Voice missing (english voice: "audio")
VOICE_EXT_CFG:*: Voice missing (english voice: "configuration")
VOICE_EXT_WPS:*: Voice missing (english voice: "while-playing-screen")
VOICE_EXT_ROCK:*: Voice missing (english voice: "plugin")
VOICE_EXT_FONT:*: Voice missing (english voice: "font")
VOICE_EXT_BMARK:*: Voice missing (english voice: "bookmark")
VOICE_EXT_AJZ:*: Voice missing (english voice: "firmware")
VOICE_EXT_RWPS:remote: Voice missing (english voice: "remote while-playing-screen")
VOICE_EXT_KBD:*: Voice missing (english voice: "keyboard")
VOICE_EXT_CUESHEET:*: Voice missing (english voice: "cuesheet")
VOICE_BOOKMARK_SELECT_INDEX_TEXT:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Index")
VOICE_CURRENT_TIME:rtc: Voice missing (english voice: "Current time:")
LANG_SYSFONT_EQUALIZER_BAND_CUTOFF:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Cutoff Frequency")
LANG_SYSFONT_GAIN:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Gain")
LANG_SYSFONT_CHANNEL_STEREO:recording: Voice missing (english voice: "Stereo")
LANG_SYSFONT_CHANNEL_MONO:recording: Voice missing (english voice: "Mono")
LANG_SYSFONT_RECORDING_QUALITY:recording_hwcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Quality")
LANG_SYSFONT_RECORDING_FREQUENCY:recording: Voice missing (english voice: "Frequency")
LANG_SYSFONT_RECORDING_SOURCE:recording: Voice missing (english voice: "Source")
LANG_SYSFONT_RECORDING_SRC_MIC:recording: Voice missing (english voice: "Internal Microphone")
LANG_SYSFONT_LINE_IN:recording: Voice missing (english voice: "Line In")
LANG_SYSFONT_RECORDING_SRC_DIGITAL:recording: Voice missing (english voice: "Digital")
LANG_SYSFONT_CHANNELS:recording: Voice missing (english voice: "Channels")
LANG_SYSFONT_RECORD_TRIGGER:recording: Voice missing (english voice: "Trigger")
VOICE_OF:*: Voice missing (english voice: "of")
LANG_PLUGIN_GAMES:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Games")
LANG_PLUGIN_APPS:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Applications")
LANG_PLUGIN_DEMOS:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Demos")
LANG_ID3_GROUPING:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Work")
LANG_SHOW_FILENAME_EXT:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Show Filename Extensions")
LANG_UNKNOWN_TYPES:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Only Unknown Types")
LANG_EXT_ONLY_VIEW_ALL:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Only When Viewing All Types")
VOICE_PM_UNITS_PER_TICK:*: Voice missing (english voice: "units per tick")
VOICE_OCLOCK:*: Voice missing (english voice: "o'clock")
VOICE_PM:*: Voice missing (english voice: "P M")
VOICE_AM:*: Voice missing (english voice: "A M")
VOICE_OH:*: Voice missing (english voice: "oh")
LANG_PM_CLIPCOUNTER:recording: Voice missing (english voice: "Clip Counter")
LANG_SELECTOR_START_COLOR:lcd_color: Voice missing (english voice: "Primary Colour")
LANG_SELECTOR_END_COLOR:lcd_color: Voice missing (english voice: "Secondary Colour")
LANG_SELECTOR_TEXT_COLOR:lcd_color: Voice missing (english voice: "Text Colour")
LANG_INVERT_CURSOR_COLOR:lcd_color: Voice missing (english voice: "Bar (Solid Colour)")
LANG_INVERT_CURSOR_GRADIENT:lcd_color: Voice missing (english voice: "Bar (Gradient Colour)")
LANG_CODEPAGE_CENTRAL_EUROPEAN:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Central European")
LANG_THEME_MENU:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Theme Settings")
LANG_COLORS_MENU:lcd_color: Voice missing (english voice: "Colours")
LANG_SELECTOR_COLOR_MENU:lcd_color: Voice missing (english voice: "Line Selector Colours")
VOICE_EDIT:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Edit")
VOICE_BLANK:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Blank")
VOICE_EMPTY_LIST:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Empty list")
LANG_NOT_PRESENT:multivolume: Voice missing (english voice: "Not present")
LANG_TALK_BATTERY_LEVEL:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Announce Battery Level")
LANG_VOICE_FILETYPE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Say File Type")
LANG_BASS_CUTOFF:ipodvideo,ipod6g,mpiohd200,mpiohd300,gigabeatfx,mrobe100: Voice missing (english voice: "Bass Cutoff")
LANG_TREBLE_CUTOFF:ipodvideo,ipod6g,mpiohd200,mpiohd300,gigabeatfx,mrobe100: Voice missing (english voice: "Treble Cutoff")
LANG_TAGNAVI_RANDOM:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Random")
LANG_SAVE_SOUND:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Save Sound Settings")
LANG_KEYCLICK:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Keyclick")
LANG_KEYCLICK_REPEATS:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Keyclick Repeats")
LANG_ACCESSORY_SUPPLY:accessory_supply: Voice missing (english voice: "Accessory Power Supply")
LANG_UNKNOWN:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Unknown")
VOICE_QUICKSCREEN:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Quick screen")
VOICE_OK:*: Voice missing (english voice: "OK")
LANG_STOP_RECORDING_AND_SHUTDOWN:recording: Voice missing (english voice: "Stop Recording And Shutdown")
LANG_TOUCHPAD_SENSITIVITY:gigabeatfx,sansafuzeplus: Voice missing (english voice: "Touchpad Sensitivity")
LANG_DEADZONE:sansafuzeplus: Voice missing (english voice: "Touchpad Dead Zone")
LANG_HIGH:gigabeatfx: Voice missing (english voice: "High")
LANG_SERIAL_BITRATE:serial_port: Voice missing (english voice: "Serial Bitrate")
LANG_SERIAL_BITRATE_AUTO:serial_port: Voice missing (english voice: "Automatic")
LANG_SERIAL_BITRATE_9600:serial_port: Voice missing (english voice: "9600")
LANG_SERIAL_BITRATE_19200:serial_port: Voice missing (english voice: "19200")
LANG_SERIAL_BITRATE_38400:serial_port: Voice missing (english voice: "38400")
LANG_SERIAL_BITRATE_57600:serial_port: Voice missing (english voice: "57600")
LANG_VERY_SLOW:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Very slow")
LANG_SLOW:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Slow")
LANG_VERY_FAST:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Very fast")
LANG_FAST:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Fast")
LANG_SKIP_LENGTH:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Skip Length")
LANG_SKIP_TRACK:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Skip Track")
VOICE_CHAR_SLASH:*: Voice missing (english voice: "slash")
LANG_GAIN_LEFT:recording: Voice missing (english voice: "Gain Left")
LANG_GAIN_RIGHT:recording: Voice missing (english voice: "Gain Right")
LANG_RECORDING_AGC_PRESET:agc: Voice missing (english voice: "Automatic gain control")
LANG_RECORDING_AGC_CLIPTIME:agc: Voice missing (english voice: "AGC clip time")
LANG_RECORDING_AGC_MAXGAIN:agc: Voice missing (english voice: "AGC maximum gain")
LANG_RECORDING_MONO_MODE:recording_swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Mono mode")
LANG_SEARCH_RESULTS:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Search Results")
LANG_LEFT:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Left")
LANG_RIGHT:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Right")
LANG_RESET_SETTING:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Reset Setting")
LANG_LEFT_QS_ITEM:quickscreen: Voice missing (english voice: "Set as Left Quickscreen Item")
LANG_RIGHT_QS_ITEM:quickscreen: Voice missing (english voice: "Set as Right Quickscreen Item")
LANG_BOTTOM_QS_ITEM:quickscreen: Voice missing (english voice: "Set as Bottom Quickscreen Item")
LANG_CREDITS:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Credits")
LANG_SORT_INTERPRET_NUMBERS:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Interpret numbers when sorting")
LANG_SORT_INTERPRET_AS_DIGIT:*: Voice missing (english voice: "As digits")
LANG_SORT_INTERPRET_AS_NUMBERS:*: Voice missing (english voice: "As whole numbers")
LANG_ENABLE_SPEAKER:speaker: Voice missing (english voice: "Enable Speaker")
LANG_TOUCHSCREEN_MODE:touchscreen: Voice missing (english voice: "Touchscreen Mode")
LANG_TOUCHSCREEN_GRID:touchscreen: Voice missing (english voice: "3 by 3 grid")
LANG_TOUCHSCREEN_POINT:touchscreen: Voice missing (english voice: "Absolute Point")
LANG_PREVENT_SKIPPING:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Prevent Track Skipping")
LANG_TIMESTRETCH:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Time stretch")
LANG_SPEED:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Speed")
LANG_TOUCHSCREEN_SETTINGS:touchscreen: Voice missing (english voice: "Touchscreen Settings")
LANG_TOUCHSCREEN_CALIBRATE:touchscreen: Voice missing (english voice: "Calibrate")
LANG_TOUCHSCREEN_RESET_CALIBRATION:touchscreen: Voice missing (english voice: "Reset Calibration")
LANG_STATUSBAR_TOP:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Top")
LANG_STATUSBAR_BOTTOM:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Bottom")
LANG_REMOTE_STATUSBAR:remote: Voice missing (english voice: "Remote Statusbar")
LANG_SEMITONE:pitchscreen: Voice missing (english voice: "Semitone")
LANG_STRETCH_LIMIT:pitchscreen: Voice missing (english voice: "Limit")
LANG_PLAYBACK_RATE:pitchscreen: Voice missing (english voice: "Rate")
LANG_USB_KEYPAD_MODE:usb_hid: Voice missing (english voice: "USB Keypad Mode")
LANG_MULTIMEDIA_MODE:usb_hid: Voice missing (english voice: "Multimedia")
LANG_PRESENTATION_MODE:usb_hid: Voice missing (english voice: "Presentation")
LANG_BROWSER_MODE:usb_hid: Voice missing (english voice: "Browser")
LANG_MOUSE_MODE:usb_hid: Voice missing (english voice: "Mouse")
LANG_SCROLLBAR_WIDTH:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Scroll bar width")
LANG_SCROLLBAR_POSITION:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Scroll bar position")
LANG_COMPRESSOR:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Compressor")
LANG_TOP_QS_ITEM:quickscreen: Voice missing (english voice: "Set as Top Quickscreen Item")
LANG_FM_ITALY:radio: Voice missing (english voice: "Italy")
LANG_FM_OTHER:radio: Voice missing (english voice: "Other")
LANG_COMPRESSOR_THRESHOLD:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Threshold")
LANG_COMPRESSOR_RATIO:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Ratio")
LANG_COMPRESSOR_RATIO_2:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "2 to 1")
LANG_COMPRESSOR_RATIO_4:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "4 to 1")
LANG_COMPRESSOR_RATIO_6:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "6 to 1")
LANG_COMPRESSOR_RATIO_10:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "10 to 1")
LANG_COMPRESSOR_RATIO_LIMIT:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Limit")
LANG_COMPRESSOR_GAIN:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Makeup Gain")
LANG_AUTO:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Auto")
LANG_COMPRESSOR_KNEE:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Knee")
LANG_COMPRESSOR_HARD_KNEE:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Hard Knee")
LANG_COMPRESSOR_SOFT_KNEE:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Soft Knee")
LANG_COMPRESSOR_ATTACK:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Attack Time")
LANG_COMPRESSOR_RELEASE:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Release Time")
LANG_SKIP_OUTRO:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Skip to Outro")
LANG_STATUSBAR_CUSTOM:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Custom")
VOICE_EXT_SBS:*: Voice missing (english voice: "statusbar skin")
VOICE_EXT_RSBS:remote: Voice missing (english voice: "remote statusbar skin")
LANG_USB_HID:usb_hid: Voice missing (english voice: "USB Human Interface Device")
LANG_INSERT_LAST_SHUFFLED:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Insert Last Shuffled")
LANG_QUEUE_LAST_SHUFFLED:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Queue Last Shuffled")
LANG_MORSE_INPUT:morse_input: Voice missing (english voice: "Use Morse Code Input")
LANG_AUTOTRACKSKIP:crossfade: Voice missing (english voice: "Automatic Track Change Only")
LANG_NEXT_TRACK:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Next Track:")
LANG_NEXT:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Next:")
LANG_OF:*: Voice missing (english voice: "of")
LANG_BASE_SKIN:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Base Skin")
LANG_REMOTE_BASE_SKIN:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Remote Base Skin")
LANG_MAIN_SCREEN:remote: Voice missing (english voice: "Main Screen")
LANG_REMOTE_SCREEN:remote: Voice missing (english voice: "Remote Screen")
LANG_HISTOGRAM_INTERVAL:histogram: Voice missing (english voice: "Histogram interval")
LANG_LINEOUT_ONOFF:lineout_poweroff: Voice missing (english voice: "Line Out")
LANG_HOTKEY:hotkey: Voice missing (english voice: "Hotkey")
LANG_HOTKEY_WPS:hotkey: Voice missing (english voice: "WPS Hotkey")
LANG_HOTKEY_FILE_BROWSER:hotkey: Voice missing (english voice: "File Browser Hotkey")
LANG_RESUME_REWIND:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Rewind before resume")
LANG_REMOTE_RADIOSCREEN:radio_remote: Voice missing (english voice: "Remote Radio Screen")
VOICE_EXT_FMS:radio: Voice missing (english voice: "radio screen skin")
VOICE_EXT_RFMS:radio_remote: Voice missing (english voice: "remote radio screen skin")
LANG_HW_EQ_TONE_CONTROLS:gigabeats,samsungypr1: Voice missing (english voice: "Tone Controls")
LANG_HW_EQ_TONE_CONTROLS_ADVANCED:gigabeats,samsungypr1: Voice missing (english voice: "Advanced Tone Control Settings")
LANG_HW_EQ_GAIN:gigabeats,samsungypr1: Voice missing (english voice: "Band Gain")
LANG_HW_EQ_FREQUENCY:gigabeats,samsungypr1: Voice missing (english voice: "Band Frequency")
LANG_HW_EQ_WIDTH:gigabeats,samsungypr1: Voice missing (english voice: "Band Width")
LANG_HW_EQ_WIDTH_NARROW:gigabeats,samsungypr1: Voice missing (english voice: "Narrow")
LANG_HW_EQ_WIDTH_WIDE:gigabeats,samsungypr1: Voice missing (english voice: "Wide")
LANG_DEPTH_3D:depth_3d: Voice missing (english voice: "3-D Enhancement")
LANG_TAGNAVI_UNTAGGED:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Untagged")
LANG_RADIOSCREEN:radio: Voice missing (english voice: "Radio Screen")
LANG_ID3_COMPOSER:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Composer")
LANG_FORCE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Force")
LANG_ONPLAY_PICTUREFLOW:*: Voice missing (english voice: "open picture flow")
LANG_KBD_OK:touchscreen: Voice missing (english voice: "OK")
LANG_KBD_DELETE:touchscreen: Voice missing (english voice: "Del")
LANG_KBD_CANCEL:touchscreen: Voice missing (english voice: "Cancel")
LANG_BOOKMARK_SETTINGS_AUTOUPDATE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Update on Stop")
LANG_SET_AS_START_DIR:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Start File Browser Here")
LANG_RESET_START_DIR:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Start File Browser at root")
LANG_FM_RSSI:radio: Voice missing (english voice: "Signal strength:")
LANG_FILESIZE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Filesize")
LANG_AUTORESUME:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Automatic resume")
LANG_AUTORESUME_AUTOMATIC:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Resume on automatic track change")
LANG_AUTORESUME_CUSTOM:*: Voice missing (english voice: "In custom directories only")
LANG_PAUSE_REWIND:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Rewind on Pause")
LANG_SET_AS_PLAYLISTCAT_DIR:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Set As Playlist Catalogue Directory")
LANG_RESET_PLAYLISTCAT_DIR:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Reset Playlist Catalogue Directory")
LANG_CURRENT_PLAYLIST:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Current Playlist")
LANG_SAVE_CHANGES:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Save Changes?")
LANG_USB_SKIP_FIRST_DRIVE:multidrive_usb: Voice missing (english voice: "USB Hide Internal Drive")
LANG_LIST_LINE_PADDING:touchscreen: Voice missing (english voice: "Line Padding in Lists")
LANG_AUTOMATIC:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Automatic")
LANG_SLEEP_TIMER_DURATION:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Default Sleep Timer Duration")
LANG_SLEEP_TIMER_ON_POWER_UP:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Start Sleep Timer On Boot")
LANG_SLEEP_TIMER_CANCEL_CURRENT:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Cancel Sleep Timer")
LANG_LIST_SEPARATOR:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Line Separator")
LANG_LIST_SEPARATOR_COLOR:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Line Separator Colour")
LANG_SHORTCUTS:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Shortcuts")
LANG_KEYCLICK_SOFTWARE:hardware_click: Voice missing (english voice: "Headphone Keyclick")
LANG_KEYCLICK_HARDWARE:hardware_click: Voice missing (english voice: "Speaker Keyclick")
LANG_GLYPHS:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Glyphs To Cache")
LANG_STARTUP_SHUTDOWN:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Startup/Shutdown")
LANG_KEYPRESS_RESTARTS_SLEEP_TIMER:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Restart Sleep Timer On Keypress")
LANG_CONSTRAIN_NEXT_FOLDER:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Constrain Auto-Change")
LANG_USE_SHORTCUTS_INSTEAD_OF_QS:quickscreen: Voice missing (english voice: "Use Shortcuts Menu Instead of Quick Screen")
LANG_SLEEP_TIMER_START_CURRENT:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Start Sleep Timer")
LANG_CODEPAGE_WESTERN_EUROPEAN:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Western European")
LANG_CROSSFEED_MEIER:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Simple")
LANG_CROSSFEED_CUSTOM:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Custom")
LANG_SELECT_FOLDER:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Select one or more directories")
LANG_SELECT_DATABASE_DIRS:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Select directories to scan")
LANG_FILTER_ROLL_OFF:filter_roll_off: Voice missing (english voice: "DAC's filter roll-off")
LANG_FILTER_SHARP:filter_roll_off: Voice missing (english voice: "Sharp")
LANG_FILTER_SLOW:filter_roll_off: Voice missing (english voice: "Slow")
LANG_FILTER_SHORT:es9018: Voice missing (english voice: "Short")
LANG_FILTER_BYPASS:es9018: Voice missing (english voice: "Bypass")
LANG_VOLUME_LIMIT:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Maximum Volume Limit")
LANG_SYSFONT_EQUALIZER_BAND_Q:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Q")
LANG_PBE:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Perceptual Bass Enhancement")
LANG_AFR:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Auditory Fatigue Reduction")
LANG_SURROUND:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Haas Surround")
LANG_SURROUND_FX1:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "f(x1)")
LANG_SURROUND_FX2:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "f(x2)")
LANG_SURROUND_METHOD2:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "SIDE ONLY")
LANG_SURROUND_MIX:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Dry / Wet Mix")
LANG_IBASSO_FREQ_SCALING_GOVERNOR:ibassodx50: Voice missing (english voice: "Freq Scaling Governor")
LANG_IBASSO_FREQ_SCALING_GOVERNOR:ibassodx90: Voice missing (english voice: "Freq Scaling Governor")
LANG_IBASSO_USB_MODE:ibassodx50: Voice missing (english voice: "USB Mode")
LANG_IBASSO_USB_MODE:ibassodx90: Voice missing (english voice: "USB Mode")
LANG_IBASSO_USB_MODE_MASS_STORAGE:ibassodx50: Voice missing (english voice: "Mass Storage")
LANG_IBASSO_USB_MODE_MASS_STORAGE:ibassodx90: Voice missing (english voice: "Mass Storage")
LANG_IBASSO_USB_MODE_CHARGE:ibassodx50: Voice missing (english voice: "Charge Only")
LANG_IBASSO_USB_MODE_CHARGE:ibassodx90: Voice missing (english voice: "Charge Only")
LANG_IBASSO_USB_MODE_ADB:ibassodx50: Voice missing (english voice: "Android Debug Bridge")
LANG_IBASSO_USB_MODE_ADB:ibassodx90: Voice missing (english voice: "Android Debug Bridge")
LANG_ACTION_ENABLED:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Enabled")
LANG_ACTION_PLAY:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Play")
LANG_ACTION_SEEK:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Seek")
LANG_ACTION_SKIP:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Skip")
LANG_BACKLIGHT_SELECTIVE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Backlight Exemptions")
LANG_ACTION_DISABLE_EXT_POWER:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Disable on External Power")
LANG_ACTION_DISABLE_UNMAPPED:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Disable Unmapped Keys")
LANG_SOFTLOCK_SELECTIVE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Advanced Key Lock")
LANG_ACTION_AUTOLOCK_ON:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Autolock On")
LANG_ACTION_AUTOLOCK_OFF:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Autolock Off")
LANG_ACTION_DISABLE_NOTIFY:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Disable Notify")
LANG_ACTION_DISABLE_TOUCH:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Disable Touch")
LANG_KIBIBYTE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "kibibyte")
LANG_MEBIBYTE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "mebibyte")
LANG_GIBIBYTE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "gibibyte")
LANG_BOOKMARK_SETTINGS_ONE_PER_PLAYLIST:*: Voice missing (english voice: "One per playlist")
LANG_BOOKMARK_SETTINGS_ONE_PER_TRACK:*: Voice missing (english voice: "One per track")
VOICE_TRACK_TO_MOVE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Track to move")
VOICE_QUEUED:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Queued")
VOICE_BAD_TRACK:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Bad track")
VOICE_MOVING_TRACK:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Moving track")
LANG_NO_VIEWERS:*: Voice missing (english voice: "No viewers found")
LANG__NEVER:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Never")
LANG_PLAYTIME_ELAPSED:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Playlist elapsed")
LANG_PLAYTIME_TRK_ELAPSED:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Track elapsed")
LANG_PLAYTIME_REMAINING:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Playlist remaining")
LANG_PLAYTIME_TRK_REMAINING:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Track remaining")
LANG_PLAYTIME_TRACK:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Track")
LANG_PLAYTIME_STORAGE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Storage")
VOICE_PLAYTIME_DONE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Done")
LANG_PLAYTIME_AVG_TRACK_SIZE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Average track size")
LANG_PLAYTIME_AVG_BITRATE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Average bit rate")
LANG_PLAYTIME_ERROR:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Error while gathering info")
LANG_PLAYING_TIME:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Playing time")
LANG_CAR_ADAPTER_MODE_DELAY:charging: Voice missing (english voice: "Delay Before Resume")
VOICE_PITCH_ABSOLUTE_MODE:pitchscreen: Voice missing (english voice: "Absolute mode")
VOICE_PITCH_SEMITONE_MODE:pitchscreen: Voice missing (english voice: "Semitone mode")
VOICE_PITCH_TIMESTRETCH_MODE:pitchscreen: Voice missing (english voice: "Time stretch")
LANG_REMOTE_CONTROL:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Remote Control")
LANG_NO_REM_CONTROL:*: Voice missing (english voice: "No Remote Control")
LANG_OUT_OF_CONTROL:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Out of Control")
LANG_2_KEY_CONTROL:*: Voice missing (english voice: "2 Key Control")
LANG_4_KEY_CONTROL:*: Voice missing (english voice: "4 Key Control")
LANG_PLAY_WORMLET:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Play Wormlet!")
LANG_NUMBER_OF_WORMS:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Number of Worms")
LANG_WORM_GROWTH_PER_FOOD:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Worm Growth Per Food")
LANG_WORM_SPEED:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Worm Speed")
LANG_ARGHS_PER_FOOD:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Arghs Per Food")
LANG_ARGH_SIZE:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Argh Size")
LANG_FOOD_SIZE:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Food Size")
LANG_NUMBER_OF_PLAYERS:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Number of Players")
LANG_CONTROL_STYLE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Control Style")
LANG_REVERT_TO_DEFAULT_SETTINGS:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Revert to Default Settings")
LANG_MENU_QUIT:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Quit")
LANG_MENU_DISPLAY_OPTIONS:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Display Options")
LANG_PREVTRACK:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Previous Track")
LANG_PLAYPAUSE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Pause / Play")
LANG_STOP_PLAYBACK:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Stop Playback")
LANG_NEXTTRACK:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Next Track")
LANG_CHANGE_VOLUME:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Change Volume")
LANG_CHANGE_SHUFFLE_MODE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Shuffle Mode")
LANG_CHANGE_REPEAT_MODE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Change Repeat Mode")
LANG_PLAYBACK_CONTROL:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Playback Control")
LANG_CHESSBOX_CHECKMATE:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Checkmate!")
LANG_CHESSBOX_ILLEGAL_MOVE:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Illegal move!")
LANG_CHESSBOX_MENU_NEW_GAME:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "New Game")
LANG_CHESSBOX_MENU_RESUME_GAME:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Resume Game")
LANG_CHESSBOX_MENU_SAVE_GAME:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Save Game")
LANG_CHESSBOX_MENU_RESTORE_GAME:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Restore Game")
LANG_CHESSBOX_MENU_RESTART_GAME:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Restart Game")
LANG_CHESSBOX_MENU_SELECT_OTHER_GAME:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Select Other Game")
LANG_CHESSBOX_LEVEL_1:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Level 1: 60 moves per 5 minutes")
LANG_CHESSBOX_LEVEL_2:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Level 2: 60 moves per 15 minutes")
LANG_CHESSBOX_LEVEL_3:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Level 3: 60 moves per 30 minutes")
LANG_CHESSBOX_LEVEL_4:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Level 4: 40 moves per 30 minutes")
LANG_CHESSBOX_LEVEL_5:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Level 5: 40 moves per 60 minutes")
LANG_CHESSBOX_LEVEL_6:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Level 6: 40 moves per 120 minutes")
LANG_CHESSBOX_LEVEL_7:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Level 7: 40 moves per 240 minutes")
LANG_CHESSBOX_LEVEL_8:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Level 8: 1 move per 15 minutes")
LANG_CHESSBOX_LEVEL_9:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Level 9: 1 move per 60 minutes")
LANG_CHESSBOX_LEVEL_10:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Level 10: 1 move per 600 minutes")
LANG_CHESSBOX_PGN_PARSE_ERROR:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Error parsing game !")
LANG_CHESSBOX_NO_GAMES:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "No games found!")
LANG_CHESSBOX_GAME_BEGINNING:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "At the beginning of the game")
LANG_CHESSBOX_GAME_END:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "At the end of the game")
VOICE_PLAYER:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Player")
VOICE_GNUCHESS:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "GNU Chess")
VOICE_MARKED:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Marked")
VOICE_UNMARKED:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Unmarked")
VOICE_WHITE:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "White")
VOICE_BLACK:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Black")
VOICE_CHESSBOX_CHECK:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Check!")
VOICE_CHESSBOX_CAPTURES:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "captures")
VOICE_CHESSBOX_CASTLE:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "castle")
VOICE_CHESSBOX_KINGSIDE:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "king side")
VOICE_CHESSBOX_QUEENSIDE:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "queen side")
VOICE_PAWN:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Pawn")
VOICE_KNIGHT:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Knight")
VOICE_BISHOP:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Bishop")
VOICE_ROOK:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Rook")
VOICE_QUEEN:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Queen")
VOICE_KING:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "King")
LANG_CHESSBOX_SAVING_POSITION:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Saving position")
LANG_CHESSBOX_LOADING_POSITION:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Loading position")
VOICE_BATTERY_BENCH_IS_ALREADY_RUNNING:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Battery bench is already running")
VOICE_BAT_BENCH_KEYS:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Press play to run battery bench or stop to cancel")
LANG_CANNOT_RESTART_PLAYBACK:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Cannot restart playback")
LANG_ORDERED:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Ordered")
LANG_DIFFUSION:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Diffusion")
LANG_GRAYSCALE:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Grayscale")
LANG_SLIDESHOW_MODE:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Toggle Slide show Mode")
LANG_SLIDESHOW_TIME:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Slide show Time")
LANG_RETURN:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Return")
LANG_REC_DIR:recording: Voice missing (english voice: "Recording Directory")
LANG_CHESSBOX_MENU_VIEW_GAMES:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "View Played Games")
LANG_MENU_AUDIO_OPTIONS:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Audio Options")
LANG_MENU_RESUME_OPTIONS:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Resume Options")
LANG_MENU_PLAY_MODE:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Play Mode")
LANG_SINGLE:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Single")
LANG_USE_SOUND_SETTING:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Use sound setting")
LANG_RESTART_PLAYBACK:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Play from beginning")
LANG_SET_RESUME_TIME:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Set resume time")
LANG_DISPLAY_FPS:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Display FPS")
LANG_DISPLAY_FPS:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Display FPS")
LANG_LIMIT_FPS:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Limit FPS")
LANG_SKIP_FRAMES:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Skip frames")
LANG_BACKLIGHT_BRIGHTNESS:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Backlight brightness")
LANG_USE_COMMON_SETTING:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Use common setting")
LANG_TONE_CONTROLS:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Tone controls")
LANG_FORCE_START_MENU:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Start menu")
LANG_CONDITIONAL_START_MENU:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Start menu if not completed")
LANG_AUTO_RESUME:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Resume automatically")
LANG_CLEAR_ALL_RESUMES:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Clear all resumes")
LANG_UNAVAILABLE:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Unavailable")
LANG_TOGGLE_ITEM:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Toggle Item")
LANG_MOVE_ITEM_UP:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Move Item Up")
LANG_MOVE_ITEM_DOWN:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Move Item Down")
LANG_LOAD_DEFAULT_CONFIGURATION:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Load Default Configuration")
LANG_SAVE_EXIT:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Save and Exit")
LANG_PROPERTIES_PATH:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Path")
LANG_PROPERTIES_FILENAME:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Filename")
LANG_PROPERTIES_SIZE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Size")
LANG_PROPERTIES_DATE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Date")
LANG_PROPERTIES_TIME:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Time")
LANG_PROPERTIES_ARTIST:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Artist")
LANG_PROPERTIES_TITLE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Title")
LANG_PROPERTIES_ALBUM:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Album")
LANG_PROPERTIES_DURATION:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Duration")
LANG_PROPERTIES_SUBDIRS:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Subdirs")
LANG_PROPERTIES_FILES:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Files")
LANG_PROPERTIES_FAIL:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Failed to gather information")
LANG_SWAP_CHANNELS:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Swap Channels")
LANG_PANNING_SEPARATION:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Panning Separation")
LANG_REVERBERATION:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Reverberation")
LANG_INTERPOLATION:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Interpolation")
LANG_MIKMOD_SURROUND:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "Surround")
LANG_CPU_BOOST:swcodec: Voice missing (english voice: "CPU Boost")
LANG_SPACING:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Spacing")
LANG_CENTRE_MARGIN:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Centre margin")
LANG_NUMBER_OF_SLIDES:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Number of slides")
LANG_ZOOM:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Zoom")
LANG_SHOW_ALBUM_TITLE:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Show album title")
LANG_RESIZE_COVERS:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Resize Covers")
LANG_REBUILD_CACHE:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Rebuild cache")
LANG_WPS_INTEGRATION:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "WPS Integration")
LANG_GOTO_WPS:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Go to WPS")
LANG_CLEAR_PLAYLIST:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Clear playlist")
LANG_HIDE_ALBUM_TITLE:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Hide album title")
LANG_SHOW_AT_THE_BOTTOM:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Show at the bottom")
LANG_SHOW_AT_THE_TOP:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Show at the top")
LANG_DIRECT:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Direct")
LANG_VIA_TRACK_LIST:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Via Track list")
LANG_ALWAYS_ON:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Always On")
LANG_NO_ALBUMART_FOUND:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "No album art found")
LANG_CACHE_REBUILT_NEXT_RESTART:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Cache will be rebuilt on next restart")
LANG_PLAYLIST_CLEARED:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Playlist Cleared")
LANG_ADDED_TO_PLAYLIST:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Added to playlist")
LANG_ERROR_WRITING_CONFIG:lcd_bitmap: Voice missing (english voice: "Error writing config")
LANG_NOT_A_VBR_FILE:*: Voice missing (english voice: "Not a VBR file")
LANG_FILE_ERROR:*: Voice missing (english voice: "File error")

Same voice and source

Doesn't have to be a problem, if the string is valid in the Wallisertitsch (Walliser German) language

LANG_ID3_ALBUM:*: Voice and source are the same ("Album")

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